Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quick Hits

Just a few items of interest for the moment:

*Courtesy of the NHL: Today in 1917 the National Hockey League was founded. The original teams were the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Arenas, and Quebec Bulldogs (who announced that they would not operate during the inaugural season). The first game wasn't played until December 19th.

*Also 33 years ago today the MSG ice was the site of Bobby Orr's last game with Boston. And, of course, he had a goal and an assist as the Big, Bad Bruins beat the Blueshirts 6-4. Many folks forget that Orr went to Chicago to hobble around on his bad knees for 26 games.

*The NHL's media update e-mail today also included a link to the ECHL's announcement of their Hall of Fame Class. The minor league's Hall is actually virtual but it still counts. The reason I point it out is because John Brophy is being inducted in this class and Brophy was the inspiration for Reg Dunlop in "Slap Shot."

*Speaking of "Slap Shot," do not, DO NOT waste your time seeing the straight-to-dvd sequel that is coming out. While Puck Daddy was almost kind in Greg's review, this movie sucked. Granted, it was better than the Baldwin abortion that was "Slap Shot 2," but it was more like a bad "Mighty Ducks" sequel with worse acting. Yes Mark Messier pops up with a cameo, but he even seems to be laughing at how bad it is.

*If you want a good story - nay, a great story - head over to the Times today for their look at Robert Müller, the goalie with brain cancer. It is a touching story that luckily has yet to come to an end.

*And finally, I will be heading to the Islanders/Penguins game tonight with camera in hand. That means I will be catching Rangers in 60 later on to do my game report for Rangers/Bolts so feel free to check in and point out all that I missed. Let's Go Rangers!

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