Saturday, November 22, 2008

You Know Your Franchise Is In Trouble When ... 2

New York Islanders Holiday Pack
Pick 3 of the 7 Games Below!
Plus Receive a $50 Debit Card!

Date Day Time Opponent
12/26 Fri 7:00PM MAPLE LEAFS
12/31 Wed 2:00PM* PANTHERS
1/13 Tue 7:00PM RANGERS
1/15 Thu 7:00PM BRUINS
1/17 Sat 7:00PM DEVILS
1/19 Mon 2:00PM* CAPITALS
1/21 Wed 7:00PM DUCKS

Receive Over 50% Off of Box Office Prices!
Great Gifts Included with Package…
$50 Debit Card!
Islanders Team Duffle Bag!

Prices are based on two seats
2 seat $299.00 $249.00 $199.00
4 seats $598.00 $498.00 $398.00
6 seats $897.00 $747.00 $597.00
8 seats $1,196.00 $996.00 $796.00

So with the card, you essentially get two tickets to three games for $150 and not have to pay ticketmaster fees or anything? You also get a team duffle bag that you can give to charity - this being the holidays and all. And, it being the Islanders and all, you surely can move to better seats with no problem ... such a deal!

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