Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Scribblez

What you see above is my first attempt at lolz. Since it is a fun and easy interweb kinda thing to do, I think I will try to add them from time to time. Kev at BMR does them from time to time and nhLOL has a lot of goodies - this is a personal favourite.

As for my attempt at lolz, it comes from last night's Islander game. They wore throwback jerseys that were actually pretty nice but someone musta stole the stripes on the back of their socks. The mongoloid above in blue and orange is none other than Mitch Fritz, who is a traitor. After the Hartford Wolf Pack kept him around despite him being injured for most of last season, he jumped ship to the Isles. Bastard; it woulda been fantastic to see the big man in a Ranger jersey at some point. Ah well, hopefully on Tuesday Colton Orr will fare better than Georges Laraque did last night.

If you missed that game, it was awesome. First the news came out that DP is done for a while, then the Isles blew a huge lead in the third period to lose to a Canadian team (la la la la *I can't hear you* la la la la).

Tuesday should make for a very interesting game with both the Rangers and the Islanders having something to prove. Despite the lesser New York team being so bad for so long, the poll I had on here showed that Ranger fans still hate them more than our other Atlantic Division foes. It was closer than I thought but, indeed, Potvin does still suck. Mmmmaaarrrtttyyy brought the Devils into contention but now that he is hopefully down with injury, folks will go back to hating the Meadowbrook Morons.

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Pete said...

There are few things in life that give me as much pleasure as seeing Georges Laraque get his ass handed to him. Looks like it's time for this pugilistic George (leave off the last 's' for suckbag) to hang up the gloves and start selling cheap, useless grills and cookbooks. The young'n's are getting the better of him.

I didn't realize Alex "I'm too cool for my Russian name" Kovalev could score goals in the NY metro area anymore. Nice to see he's had that condition checked out. I hope he shares his remedy with my friend Petr Prucha when Montreal visits the Garden. With my luck, Pru will be either benched or traded that night...but, I'm still holding on to hope.