Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bye Bye Bobby

With one of his relatives recently unearthed, Bobby Holik has decided to call it a career and head back to his cave. As Holik told the New York Post, "What I enjoyed was being a hockey player, more than anything. Being a professional hockey player is the best life anyone can have."

It also doesn't hurt that he was paid insane amounts of money to play, especially by the Rangers. Five years, $45 million for a defensive checking center is ridiculous. Ranger fans are debating if Blair Betts is worth keeping for a million bucks for next season and Holik was making eight a year. Then again, there is no way Betts will ever be thrust into the first line center position. Terribly overpaid, Holik was terribly misused by management (shocking) and had to be bought out to keep the team competitive in the new salary cap era.

In an odd coincidence, they actually had a few jersey pins of his remaining at the Garden sale the other day too. But while he was awful as a Ranger, he was one helluva Devil and skates into retirement with two Cups to his name. The best compliment I will give him was that he was an opponent we loved to hate - not just because of the Sather-given contract but because he was so good at his craft. Good luck in retirement Bobby, hope you can dodge the dinosaurs back home.

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