Sunday, May 31, 2009

SCF Game 2 Pregame

It was a truly gorgeous day in Detroit today and I spent a good amount of it outside at the riverwalk. Say what you want about how decrepit much of the city is, they invested good money to make that area look nice and it is.

I didn't make it to the Wings morning skate - 10:30a? Waaaay too early. Considering that these guys didn't get out of the building until 11:30 or so last night, its no wonder they take afternoon naps. I did make it over in time for the Pens, which wasn't fully attended. There were some (much needed) faceoff drills, suicides for the black aces and one really cool tic-tac-toe passing drill that originated at their blue line with several players swirling back before a long pass to the far blue with a player cutting down the wing. It was quite impressive but the players had issues getting good shots off.

Also with issues was Terminator: Salvation, which I went to after the skates. As a fan of the Terminator franchise, I have to say I was a bit disappointed, even after having lowered my expectations beforehand (McG? really?).

Expectations for tonight are high but with the cast of characters involved in Game 2, they should be met and perhaps even surpassed. Well, we shall see ...

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