Saturday, May 30, 2009

Early Observations From The Finals

Just some quick thoughts - pics and more tonight after the game.

*Barry Melrose is around wearing a spiffy blue suit. Walking along the waterfront, he was pointed out by two overly excited Wings fans who went to take a picture. As they repeated his name again and again, a homeless fellow heard it and just started yelling "Mel-Rose! MELLLLLLL-ROSE! MEL! ROSE! MELROSEEEEEE!" And no, it wasn't Kevin Schultz.

*The Wings are selling merch with a great tag line - 'Shave The Best Last.' Brilliant. Even the giant octopus perched up on Joe Louis is adorned with a playoff beard. I miss mine. Damned Rangers.

*Joe Louis, by the way, is incredible. So much red, so many banners. I got chills.

*There were a half dozen Pens fans lurking about by the team bus as the players slowly trickled out from their morning skate. One guy even had a Matt Cooke shirt on. I don't get it.

*This city may be surrounded by decaying industry, with lines and lines of container trains lying idle on tracks lining the highways but the official NHL hotel, the Marriot, is gorgeous. Located in the same complex as GM's headquarters, this is a wonderful swirl of glass and concrete with stores, a movie theater and more.

*One last day left to vote on the poll on the right! Do it! Who is more loathsome? Cindy Crosby or Glen Sather? I didn't even bother to put Gary Bettman on the board, as that answer would be clear. He looks even more diabolical in person, I can ensure you.

More to come!

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