Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bronx Blueshirts?

Anthony J. SanFilippo of the Delaware County Daily News reported that sources confirmed to him that the Flyers are set to play the Bruins at Fenway for this coming season's Winter Classic (h/t Puck Daddy).

Wyshynski wrote that "Alexander Ovechkin will have to wait for Yankee Stadium or an outdoor date with the Pittsburgh Penguins (one imagines)." It is certainly no surprise that NBC and the NHL would love a Ovie/Crosby Classic but is it necessary? Does the outdoor match really need that extra layer of appeal? Would the ratings for that be that much better than a red, white and blue Winter Classic at one of the most famous sports venues on the planet?

Rumour has it that NHL lobbied for the Caps to play the Bruins this year but NBC was reluctant considering the first round ratings of Caps/Rangers. Those playoff games, however, weren't played in Yankee Stadium. I had the pleasure of going to cover a Yankee game last week and the new building is an amazing tribute to capitalism and greed. If it's not perfect for Gary Bettman, then I don't know what is.

With all of the other rumours of a major move by Glen Sather in the works, perhaps an improved Ranger squad - one that can score goals - could advance past the first round next year and become enough of a draw that NBC approves. At the end of the day, it is (sadly) all about NBC and, unlike James Dolan, the network cares about the on-ice performance of the team as it has a direct relation to ratings (however screwed up that measuring system is). So that leaves the ball back right where it has always been: in Sather's hands.

Who thinks he is going to fumble it?


Daniel said...

i think that a ranger winter classic is going to definitely happen soon, i think NBC didnt want the rangers in this year because it would be better if it was in NY because they would get higher ratings. And its not because the rangers are good, its because its NYC and its a historic team

Anonymous said...

sather eats flaming chunks of ass

Noah's Art said...

i just can't wait for the cool throwback merchandise that will ensue. jerseys, scarves, hats, dolan will cash in, and i will be there to overpay.