Saturday, June 27, 2009

NHL Draft '09 Fourth Round Reaction

The Rangers didn't have a fourth round pick this draft. It marked just the second time since 2000 that they dealt it away (2007).

The fourth round has been pretty kind to the Rangers - Beezer, Mark Janssens, Tony Amonte, Marc Savard - and recent history hasn't been too bad either:
2003 - Corey Potter
2004 - Ryan Callahan
2005 - Tom Pyatt
2006 - David Kveton
2007 - No pick
2008 - Dale Weise
Since the Rangers didn't make a move to get into the round, let's look ahead. The fifth round is where we get even deeper into hit or miss territory but some names that have made it were Sergei Zubov, Dale Purinton and Nigel Dawes. Max Campbell was picked two seasons ago and has found some success at Western Michigan so we may yet see another name added to that this. We will see who gets their shot soon ...

On a personal note, I gotta step away for a few hours and will check back in later today.

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Will said...

did you hear about Brian boyle for a third rounder from the kings??? this guy is 6-7 and 250 pounds! i think the rangers signed him to replace orr, he had 73 penalty minutes in 42 games, compared to colton orr who had 192 penalty minutes in 82 games, so they are around the same. As much as i know youu LOVE colton orr, this guy boyle, is way bigger, is a fighter, and is almost the same size as zdeno chara. Hes the size and enforcer we need to replace orr.