Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bring Back Bobby!

With the news that the Bruins are going to keep the ad agency that gave them those great 'bear' commercials (if you haven't seen them, click here for my fav, h/t to Kukla for the news), I figured it was time to bring back Bobby.

MSG ran a few of those Bobby Granger commercials a few years back, then inexplicably ended the campaign. Most fans that I've spoken to got a kick out of them, I know I did. I put my personal fav below. But with a new season approaching, it is time for a new MSG ad campaign, and why not use Bobby? He was the quintessential everyfan who was funny and actually *gulp* showed some personality! What a concept, MSG and the Garden having personality. And Joe Micheletti and his bad puns don't count because he is horrendous. I've been asked, who do I loathe more: Tom Poti, Marek Malik or Wade Redden? Poti wins that one hands down but put him up against Micheletti and I would have a tough time deciding. Worst broadcaster in the biz.

But I digress.

Those spots were entertaining, interesting and started conversation. We would always ask, 'did you see the new one?' But they ran out real quick and stopped being aired a few years back. The last time I saw Bobby in person was two seasons ago when he was being kicked out of the Garden for confronting an obnoxious away fan (Flyers or Isles, I can't recall). Surely that couldn't have been what has kept them from producing his commercials; the Garden has gotten multiple lawsuits for much, much, much, much worse.

Let's face it, the commercials couldn't have cost too much to make and they were fun, and that is what hockey is supposed to be.

8 comments: said...

I loved Bobby Granger and his commercials! He (the guy who played him) posts over at the Hockey Rodent Message Board still.

Earlier in the summer when that survey came out, I put bring back Bobby Granger as one of the write in comments at the end of it. I hope I wasn't the only one.

Duniyadnd said...

OMG, I totally forgot about these commercials. Tears were rolling down my eyes when I went through them on youtube - BRING HIM BACK!!!

Anonymous said...

The one with him screaming in the booth with Sam is the best!

Bring this guy back, or at least a reasonable facsimile...Robby Tanger?

Anonymous said...

Production was cheap, but media $ add up.

Anonymous said...

MSG has somethin a whole lot better on the way

Schram said...

Bring Back Bobby!

I've never seen that commercial and I have to admit that I actually laughed because that would be me in the booth everytime Redden would step on the ice.

Hey Scotty, was Bobby a season ticket holder or something? Like how was he choosen?

Author said...

I remember at the beginning of the year those commercials were released I saw him at a local bar in Northern NJ. We saw a guy in the bar w/ a NYR jersey on & the word "Granger" across the back. It was before any of the commericals had aired. Then, as soon as I saw the 1st commercial a few days later had a good laugh when I realized it was the guy we saw a few nights earlier.

Scotty Hockey said...

Schram - he was an actor and Ranger fan.

Anons - Media $? It was an in-house promo spot on their own network, which basically entails moving numbers around the ledger. Easy enough to account for.

As for MSG having something better on the way, I will need to see it to believe it. The only thing I hope for MSG to do is relieve Micheletti of his duties - put him on the radio or something since few listen to that anymore. Malony is miles and miles ahead of him.