Monday, August 10, 2009

Sign Of The Times Or Sign Of Desperation??

Dear Scotty,

We hope you are enjoying your summer. As you have no doubt seen, things have been busy with the Blueshirts this off-season. We are thrilled to have you back for the 2009-10 NY Rangers hockey season and look forward to seeing you at The Garden in September.

As a Rangers Season Subscriber, we would like to extend this special opportunity to purchase additional season tickets before we reach out to our waitlist of over 2,500 members in the coming weeks.

As always, all potential seating assignments are subject to ticket availability and a maximum of 4 seats may be held per account.

If you have any further questions about additional subscription seats, or anything else related to your season subscription account, please feel free to contact your Rangers Account Representative.


Howard Jacobs
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Ticket Sales
Madison Square Garden, Sports
There are a few things here worth pointing out:

1- That waitlist had numbered around 4,000 the last time I heard about it.

2- They say there is a max of four seats per account but guys on HFBoards who have four have also been asked if they want to add more.

3- A buddy of mine, Matt, had complained about his tickets seeing as he was screwed last season by the addition of the handicap sections and they gave him a free upgrade closer to center ice (in the 300s) and several other freebies after he threatened to cancel.

4- For them to send something like this, just how many season ticket holders have given up and said screw it with the economy and the roster being in utter disarray? Usually they just have a box to check on the re-up form (which they made us fill out and put in a payment prior to the opening of free agency). But a follow up, just in case, a coupla months later?

The last thing I want to do is buy more seats. If anything, I want them to take the damned preseason games off my package. It is always impossible to find people willing to come to those games and even less likely that they will help me recoup my cost. A buddy of mine has started selling off a large portion of his package on StubHub and is running into the same obstacle. The Toronto Maple Leafs - the epitome of NHL greed - give out free tickets to a preseason game, why can't the Rangers? Nah, instead they will try to get more blood from the rock that is us diehard fans. For shame - both them for doing it, and us for being that rock.


Anonymous said...

I am often taken aback by your ignorant and misinformed comments about disability even though they are infrequent. Your buddy was "screwed last season by the addition of the handicap sections"! Did it ever occur to you that for decades disabled people have had either no access or the "choice" of the worst seat at MSG and other metropolitan stadiums? Your buddy got his seats upgraded--good for him. That choice does not exist and never has for people with a disability at MSG. When I attend a game as a wheelchair user I am accustom to rude ushers, lousy seating. i.e. the aisle, drunks that spill beer over me etc. and I have no recourse. In short, I pay big bucks like other people who go to MSG and get treated like crap. You know a lot about hockey and the Rangers but truly need an education about civil rights and disability. If you doubt me I suggest you use a wheelchair, try to get tickets, and go to a game.

Scotty Hockey said...

Dude, stop playing the victim for five minutes, please? They installed new sections in the garden, and inconvenienced my buddy. I wasn't saying ANYTHING about the disabled. I wasn't thinking about them, I wasn't referring to them, and I wasn't partaking in the pity party that you seem to be throwing for them. I'm a terrible person, I know - you've told me. Get past it. You don't like that I feel bad for handicapped kids, you don't like that I don't consider the plight of the handicapped when I write something that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. Are you a vegan too? If so, you can get mad at me for recommending the Garden's prime rib sandwich. I've heard it's delish. Get off the high moral horse, this is a hockey blog.

Schram said...

lmao, you told him Scotty!

Anonymous said...

Haha that was pretty funny Scotty, I have to give you that. Is it me for do all the stadiums now have handicapped seating for 100 people, yet less than a dozen truely handicapped people actually attend?

Anonymous said...

Scotty, Piss on pity. You are not a terrible person just ignorant. Ignorance can be cured with some thought. No need to attack my comments when thought is what is required. We are talking about civil rights not charity or pity or feeling bad for handicapped kids or anything else. Good for your buddy and all else that go to MSG and have a choice of seating options. People that use a wheelchair do not have that choice. This lack of choice is a violation of the Americans with Disability Act and thus a civil rights issue. Would you tell a black person to get past racism? Would you expect black people to sit in a "special" section? Not a chance. I have civil rights and I guess you don't like the fact I have asserted them and expect to be treated equally.

Anonymous said...

Scotty, I hope that an unforeseen occurrence never happens to you and you end up handicapped. God forbid you should have to deal w any more inconveniences than you already do. I do not think anonymous was playing the victim. The world is a different place from a wheelchair. And it could be possible that they are putting in more seating in arenas because of all of the wounded military coming back from the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

The internet.
A place where you get persecuted for speaking your mind...

Anonymous said...

Scotty can speak his mind on the internet or anywhere else for that matter. And so can others. It is pathetic for someone to act slighted because seats were put in to accommodate handicapped people . I don't understand what the big friggin' deal. I am shocked that you people aren't more empathetic. Are you also upset that you are inconvenienced at handicapped parking??

Pete said...


You know, it's kinda funny. Before the addition of the handicap sections, I use to think it was neat that wheelchair seating use to be out on the promenade. There's a great view from there. But, I understand there must be a lot of inconveniences as well.

I will say this: as far as having to deal with rude ushers and getting beer spilled on you, NO ONE in the garden has a monopoly on those inconveniences. That's part of the "experience" in every seat and in every section. I would cringe if I wore my white jersey to a game, because I knew that it would come back with either beer, mustard, or just dirt from the chair on some part of it.

Oh, and those people did get screwed. Now, I'm not saying that they shouldn't have gotten screwed. It was determined that MSG wasn't providing for the hadicapped adequately. So, in turn, MSG came up with a quick fix and it was inevitable that some people with season tickets were goign to get screwed. So let's not argue a fact.

I do think that MSG could have done it a different way, though. There are ALWAYS open skybox seats for every game, much to MSG's chagrin. MSG COULD have decided to revamp one or two of these boxes for the handicapped, giving them what is touted as being the best seats in the house (though I am not a fan, personally). The box seating area even has direct elevator access. Plus, they often use those boxes for Garden of dreams charity nights, wherein the occupants are often in need of wheelchair access, etc. I think it would have made a lot of sense. However, this didn't happen because, even though those boxes are dead during most of the hockey season, they are prime real estate for so many other events throughout the year. I believe MSG wouldn't give up that revenue, so, they comprimised at the expense of the fans, instead of their own.

Anonymous said...

Well put Pete.

NYR34 said...

I don't know Scotty, I kind of enjoyed the preseason game last time with Rachel. Her section (and its attendant regulars) was empty, so we ventured down after the first period to sit in the Rangers' zone, five rows up from the ice. I was actually able to get close up views of Zaba in net, plus Potter, DelZotto, Sauer, and Sanguinetti in their own end. It was also Nedved's last game of his audition. Likely the only time I'll ever sit down in the double-digit sections (read: suit seats).

For a good student of the game, it's great to see these guys live.

...for the right price. I can only imagine what they charge for a so-called "exhibition game".

Anonymous said...

Maybe Anonymous should join the Crips like TIMMAY and put a CAP in Scotty Hockey's south parked assssss....

Scotty Hockey said...

"It could be possible that they are putting in more seating in arenas because of all of the wounded military coming back from the Middle East."

Yes, I now hate the troops because I mentioned someone who was inconvenienced by a forced move due to the addition of the handicapped sections. Jesus. Not only is it idiotic to say, it is also incorrect as the seating was put in because the Garden was not complaint to the Americans With Disabilities Act.

And I completely agree with you Pete, a box upstairs would have been much more convient, but the Garden would never give up a box for the handicapped that wouldn't result in positive publicity.

NYR34 - exhibition games cost the same as regular season games. That is why they suck. The action, at times, is better than regular season because the kids are playing for a position so they are all motivated, all the time. But you wouldn't pay Ranger prices to watch the Wolf Pack now, would you?

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I started a long discussion with my comment about handicapped seating. Pete makes a number of good points. Yes, all experience inconveniences at MSG. However, when you sit in the middle of the aisle when you use a wheelchair the problems increase dramatically. MSG remains out of compliance with Americans with Disability Act. The "solution" instituted is temporary and took ten years of fighting to get. When MSG is renovated handicapped seating will be dispersed as required by law and become a none issue. I am sure this will make Scotty very happy as I will no longer bring up this topic.

Anonymous said...

No one said that you hated the troops. I just said that injured troops coming home could have been a possible reason for more seating. Calm down.