Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Marian Gaborik Is ...


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA ITS THE FUCKIN tRUTh THOUGH. How do we go from 3 WHY DID we let go of Prucha, Dawes, Samuleson,Morris, Antripov, and even Blair Betts

Andrea said...

We know he has speed, but I hope that horse can hit.

Kingrich45 said...

I had an idea to write a grant to the Rangers organization to fund the setup of an offshore lab for the express purpose of producing an army of Gaborik clones. Think if there were four full lines of Gaborik's, and then another whole army of replacements in the Wolfpack, no need to worry about him getting hurt and we would be unstopable. Maybe bring Orr back for a little toughness and maybe trade one Gaborik for a top goaltender and we'd be good to go...

Anonymous said...

The Rangers have scored 29 goals in 12 games for the month of November. A total of 22 were scored by forwards, and Gaborik had 11 of those. Game break down of forward-only goals follows, starting with the most recent loss.
Pitt: Gaborik (2)
Pitt: All defenders
TB: Cally
FL: Gabby
CJB: Gabby (2), AA, Avery (2)
FL: Prospal, Gabby
Was: Gabby (2)
Ott: Prospal
ATL: Gabby, Boyle, AA
Cal: defender gets only goal
Edm: Gabby, Higgins, Cally, Koto
Bos: Gabby

So, for the entire month of Nov., the goals by non-defenders breaks down to:
Gabby: 11
Prospal: 2
AA: 2
Cally: 2
Avery: 2
Boyle: 1
Higgins: 1
Koto: 1


Anonymous said...

I think the Rangers should trade Lundqvist to Anaheim for J.S Giguere because bad defense or not Lundqvist lets in 2 or 3 bad goals every game lately. At least Giguere would keep them in the game by saving those crucial 2 or 3goals. Also, Tortorella needs to go because he obviously doesn't teach them anything about team defense. All he cares about is run & gun no defense hockey and that just doesn't work on a team with only Gaborik scoring goals. I think Peter Laviolette would be a good middle of the road replacement of the 2 extremes of quiet Tom Renney and arrogant loudmouth John Tortorella.

Anonymous said...

THE TEAM NEEDS A LOT OF help and someone needs to step up in Management and turn it around right fucking now

Floorballcentral said...

This is what has been said earlier..