Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Toys For Tots

As you can see, Adam Graves will of course be there along with some alumni and current Rangers. Those are said to be Ryan Callahan, Michael Del Zotto, Christopher Higgins, Michal Roszival, Dan Girardi and Matt Gilroy but you never know. If it is like past years, two or three will be signing autos at a time. Meanwhile, Gravey shmoozes, poses for photos, signs autos ... everything that he always does, everything that makes him the amazing human being we revere him for being. And there will likely be the usual family fun - face painting and stuff. After taking that in, you can skate on the outdoor rink in Bryant Park - bring your own skates and a lock (for a locker) because renting both is costly but the ice time is free.

I've gone in the past - you guys know I'm big on good causes - and will likely stop by early on before making my way to Newark to root on the Canucks against the Devils. Mmmmmaaaaarrrrtttttyyyy. Mmmmmaaaaarrrrtttttyyyy. Mmmmmaaaaarrrrtttttyyyy.


The Ranger Pundit said...

You do go to great lengths to see good hockey, don't you!

The Ranger Pundit said...

You do go to great lengths to go see a good hockey game, don't you.

Ilikebeinganonymous said...

Scotty, are you going to be one of those 1-2 idiots at every Devils game who wears a Ranger game even though they are not playing the Rangers? Anyways, yeah I mean if you want to see what a well-run hockey organization looks like who demands constant excellence, you will enjoy the show tonight.

Garfinkus said...

Not a bad turnout for the toy drive tonight. The line got really long after Roszival and Higgins left the table.

I'm not sure if it was because of that, or it just coincided with everyone getting out of work. Either way, most of the people were still in line when the last pair (MDZ and Gilroy) left for the night.

Good to see ya there, btw.

Garfinkus said...

Oh, I'm the one you were talking to in line. I mentioned that I read your blog and you told me to drop you a line.

See ya around!