Monday, December 14, 2009


The Hockey News has finally realized that Glen Sather is an utter failure as the GM of the Rangers!
"... Sather keeps swinging and missing like a blindfolded kid at a piƱata party in a wind tunnel ..."
What is it with MSM guys taking so long to realize what us fans have known for so long? First Brooksie, now Proteau?!? Are they blinded by their desire to remain "objective"? That, in itself, is a joke but I won't get into my ethics and journalism rant. Sather may be a horrible GM, but he may just be the smartest man in hockey - you have to be brilliant to be so very, very bad and stay completely out of the line of fire. And he has.

The Ranger Pundit, a diligent fan for more than 70 seasons, long ago dubbed Sather the Stealth GM. As usual, he is right on the money. By being a recluse, Sather has no media presence and zero interation with the fans. At the Garden we joke that we need to hire some hookers to infiltrate the organization as interns so Sather can pull an Isiah and thus be fired. For every good move Sather has made during his tenure, he has made three others that are horrific. I mentioned to some friends the other day that we have to pray for another labour stoppage when the CBA runs out so they can get another round of those no-penalty buy-outs so we can rid ourselves of Dru, Redden and Rozy.

Think about that.

It will take a second horrific season without hockey for the Rangers to have any chance of success in the near future. That's pathetic. Just like the Bible of Hockey taking a decade to see what we have said from the start.

Sather has got to go.


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Pete said...

Scotty, is that a a real picture or one that has been...touched up?

Anonymous said...

How's that whole, 'Die in a Fire' thing going there Glennie?

A Drunken Canadian Who Is Not Glen Sather said...

Dear Scotty--although I'm a little hurt by the tenor of your remarks, I would like to offer you a six-year, $39 million contract to write for the New York Rangers.

Respectfully yours,

A Drunken Canadian Who Is NOT Glen Sather

Scotty Hockey said...

Pete - I photoshopped Glen on former President Bush. Seemed somehow ... appropriate.

Pete said...

Poetic, in fact.