Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Näkemiin Ilkka

Puck Daddy's resident Russian Dmitry Chesnokov tweeted that Ilkka Heikkinen will spend next season in the KHL (h/t to SNY). Apparently all the Rangers offered him was a two-way deal and he decided that the KHL was the best league for him.

That's a shame.

As I wrote in the Facts of Life, I found Heikkinen to be a quiet but solid defenseman who could have contributed if given a real chance. However, he never was given that and likely never would get it with Redden and Rozsival filling two spots on the Broadway blueline for the next few years. Ah well. Best wishes to him.

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Garfinkus said...

With him going over there for a year, do we still have rights to him when and if he comes back? Or will he be a free agent? How does that work?