Monday, May 31, 2010

Stanley Cup Final Game 2: 2-Goal Blitz Wins

Some quick randomness from Game 2:

*There were less Flyer fans than Game 1 and yet the crowd was far more tentative. But when they got going, man, was it impressive. They went to interview Antti Niemi after the final buzzer and it was louder than it was during the anthem.

*Niemi was good, but he wasn't that good. The defense in front of him was huge.

*Brent Sopel was outstanding. He wasn't rewarded with a star but he certainly deserved one. Former Islander Sopel.

*Dan Carcillo? Still a dirtbag.

*I never, ever, ever thought I would find myself happy for Ben Eager. Former Flyer Eager. Who would have imagined that Marian Hossa would have a garbage goal and Eager would score on a snipe?

*Eager said that he got into it with Chris Pronger after the final buzzer because "he's been picking the pucks up after the game, and I just told him he can keep it."

*Chelsea Dagger, that annoying goal song they have here in Chicago, is stuck in my head. Please, someone, anyone, help me.

*Coach Q is a nervous but smart guy - for all defensive zone faceoffs he made sure he had two centers out on the ice and the second center would go right off when the puck was cleared. Often John Madden was the extra, and he ended up going 9-2 at the dot. Former Devil Madden.

*Blair Betts got called for a penalty. I admit to yelling "No Bettsy No!" in my head, but only in my head. No cheering in the pressbox.

*But, that being said, the media guys have no heart - none clapped after the anthem (and on Memorial Day) and none for the mites who played during the first intermission. Communists who hate children.

*The 50/50 drawing was over 17 grand. Can you imagine? Go to a hockey game, give five bucks to charity, and walk out with 17 large. I can't.

*I spent the game participating in Puck Daddy's live chat. It's a fun time and something I recommend to enhance your viewing experience ...

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