Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The NYR Facts Of Life: #31 Matt Zaba

For each player who suited up in a Blueshirt this season we will take the good, we will take the bad and take them both and see what we have. Yesterday was Alex Auld's turn so we move on to the other #31, Matt Zaba.

#31's #s: One game (no starts, 34 min), 0-0-0, 3.56 g.a.a., .880 save %.

Take the good: While Zaba allowed two goals in his lone appearance, he did play quite well in what was a 6-0 Ranger loss in Montreal; he came in after Hank allowed three goals in four minutes of the second period. It was hard to blame him for either goal, and it came in quite a hostile environment.

Take the bad: Called up six times by my count, his play in practice and his lone appearance was not enough to earn the trust of the Blueshirt brass. And, personally, I thought he looked quite jumpy even in warmups so I can't blame the braintrust.

Take them both and then we have: Seeing as the franchise has it's starter for the foreseeable future in Hank, has a seemingly-capable Chad Johnson, drafted a solid prospect in Scott Stajcer last year and signed Cameron Talbot at the end of March, we could very well have another Jamie Ram. For Zaba's sake, you hope not but Traverse City and training camp should decide this kid's future.

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