Sunday, February 17, 2008

30-24-7: Back Home We Got A Taxidermy Man ...

... He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him.

The Rangers went in the water. The Sharks were in the water. The Rangers came out with a 3-1 win. I'd say that makes for a nice weekend. Where yesterday the Rangers beat up on some chum, today the team defeated a great white. Before the game I was asked my prediction and I said 3-1, San Jose. Man am I glad I was proven wrong; not only did the Rangers beat a top team in the league, they won their first game against a Western Conference team and they even scored on the power play. What an unexpected pleasure!!

But while I do want to get wrapped up in the moment - back-to-back wins can do that - I do feel obligated to point out that the BlueShirts beat the Isles on November 29th, then the Senators on December 1st before losing five of their next six games. Just sayin', ya know? Onto the good from today:

*Just like with yesterday, the Rangers signed a defenseman and inked Toots. This time the Rangers did it before the game, rather than during the first period. Guess it allayed his fears as he played a solid game, while his partner was iffy, again.

*Also on the blueline - well, lumbering above it - was Marek Malik. He actually tried to get involved in the game and tried to shoot the puck once! Granted, he shot softer than those poor kids on the sleds in between periods, but he tried. Does that overcome his role in Cheechoo's goal? No, but he is trying so I gotta give him some credit - if only so he becomes more attractive to potential trade partners in two weeks.

*Brandon Dubinsky came out on fire but seemed to lose a step as the game went on. Much like with Girardi, maybe all of the games are catching up to him.

*On the same token, maybe the knee injury suffered by Ryan Callahan is a good thing as he is coming on right now and proving to be the perfect wingman for Chris Drury. I am admittedly still dubious as to Marty Straka on the opposite wing, but their line has done all of the right things and gotten themselves into good situations through their hard work.

*For all of their size, the Sharks didn't use it to their advantage. They looked a bit jet lagged and behind a step and the Rangers took advantage.

*As for Jaromir ... he did get off six shots, but few challenged Nabby and he took one of his trademark lazy penalties. He did take on some big defensemen, and drew a penalty, but he needs to take advantage of his size and get better looks and better, stronger shots off.

*Twice in the third period Hank got hammered in the crease. This has got to stop. The deadline is a week from Tuesday ... tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock ...

*PHR Three Stars
3-Hank - 29 saves.
2-Cally - two goals.
1-Drury - goal and an assist.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Colton Orr - he pressed the action, avoided rumbling with Jody Shelley and had a solid game. I am as surprised as you are.
2-Hank - he was ran several times, had his helmet knocked off and still didn't back down. Solid work by the Swede despite letting up a boarderline softie to open the game.
1-Cally/Drury - thankfully I am not limited to just one guy and these two were spectacular together. They made space for each other, did the dirty work and came through when it counted.


The Dark Ranger said...

Great picture, Scotty...classic take on the "Rangers Spearhead the Sharks" cliche'. I couldn't agree with you more on protecting Hank on the crease...there were too many opportunities, when they should never been allowed that close to begin with -- some close calls. My favorite was in the third period, as Sharks and Rangers were piled up on each other, Shanny kicking it, Hank face on the ice practically and below this pile of players emerges a little puck for our taking. Wild game. Great play. Fun to watch as we might have something to believe in.

Malik rocks the house! I smell Hartford.

william Peace said...

It is called sled hockey. Your comments display common bigotry and ignorance on the part of most people unfamiliar with adaptive sports. Think before you write next time. Until today I had been impressed with your blogs.

Scotty Hockey said...

William, what are you talking about? I said "Granted, (Malik) shot softer than those poor kids on the sleds in between periods." I know what sled hockey is, and appreciate the difficulty. Its also blatantly obvious that because they are using their sticks to move around, and because they are so close to the ground, they can't get much behind their shots. I wasn't berating them, I was berating Malik. Relax, PC police, I didn't say anything offensive to the handicapped.

The Dark Ranger said...

Scotty, you have to spread the love and be more in touch with the people -- Malik has feelings too, and come to think of it, Jagr needs some love too, a little backrub could work. While you're at it, keep telling Hossa that he's as good as his brother too. You might have thought going into hockey blogging would have been one of the safest writing gigs out there, but please before you take on sensitive issues and commentary, please just remember that Tom Renney has feelings too!



william Peace said...

Ugh, you missed the point yet again. You "poor people" who walk--that life must be so difficult, worse than Malik's shot. Does that make sense? Is that PC? Is it insulting? I use a wheelchair and I was insulted by your comment. The fact is disabled people are the most disenfranchised group in the USA--thanks in part to the ignorance you continue to display. Why not check out handicapped seating at MSG and see how equal it is--maybe you will enjoy sitting in the aisle all game and being bumped into continuously while ushers do nothing.

The Dark Ranger said...

Mea culpa. We all get a lot of comments with pranksters and posers, and sometimes...real people. Didn't mean any harm.

..and now, I can only say one other thing. "Let's Go Rangers!"