Thursday, February 21, 2008

Swap Or Not?

I don't think the Rangers will make a huge splash at the deadline, and from the way they are talking may even stand pat, but you never know. Personally, I think the team needs some chance, at least in the form of some grit on the blueline. Here are some guys that could help all over the ice and shouldn't cost too much:

Mattias Norstrom, Dallas - the former Ranger is a rock on defense, will be unrestricted and may even forgo the NHL next year for a return to Sweden. Who cares, we need a big, solid defenseman like him right now, watching Marek Malik get pushed around by players six inches smaller is just horrifying. If we can't land Norstrom, then J.D. might be willing to part with Barret Jackman - which would be fantastic - or Brian Burke has considered moving the Sean O'Donnell. O'Donnell has experience (he is on his sixth NHL team), a Stanley Cup and a 6'3 230 frame. I don't see Minnesota dealing Nick Schultz but he would be a great acquisition as well. Schultz plays with strength and poise and stepped right into Willie Mitchell's skates when he went to Vancouver. I'm a fan.

Bobby Holik, Atlanta - another former Ranger, he was horribly misused during his first Broadway tour. He can play at the same pace as Jagr, will clear some space for him, bring some Czech love for the captain, and will free Dubi to play a faster, pressure-based game with the other kids - Cally and Dawes. Barring Bobby, there is Calgary's Daymond Langkow (who will be much more expensive). I would say maybe, maybe Mats Sundin, but I really don't see the Leafs dealing him, and really, really don't see them dealing him to another team in the East.

Vaclav Prospal, Tampa Bay - he hates his coach and can actually put the puck in the net, unlike most of the Ranger forwards. As I've said before, he may come at a low cost and would definitely help immediately. You also can't discount the impact that he would have on Jagr, as the two Czechs have history playing together. The other scoring wingers out there really aren't worth dealing for Alex Tanguay has been terrible since he left Colorado, Ladislav Nagy has no idea what defense is and is prone to slumps and Martin Rucinsky ... we've read that story three times already, I don't think the fourth will be the charm.

Dan Boyle, Tampa Bay - ah, one of the true prizes of the deadline, a puck moving defenseman who can play 30 minutes ... but at what cost? He really could prove to be too expensive, would you give up Dubi or Toots for him? I am not sure I would. There aren't a lot of guys like Boyle out there, but barring him, maybe the Blueshirts could try San Jose's Christian Erhoff, who supposedly fell out of favour with Ron Wilson, or Edmonton's Steve Staios.

Other than those guys, I don't think there are any named that have been dangled out there that is worth dealing for. We depth players, we have 'stud' centers and - in theory - we have a goaltender; the King he was, the pauper he has become. A save, a save, his kingdom for a glove save! If he could regain the form he had late last year, or early this year, then I don't think we would be talking deal at all, but the Swedish sieve hasn't been bailing the team out so Tuesday will be a very interesting day ...


minnesota-mattcullen said...

Your comment about Boyle is completely irrelevant, because Sather and other sources have already said they're not dealing any A-level prospects like Dubinsky or Sanguinetti. They would deal Prucha or Dawes and a package.

Scotty Hockey said...

Dude, seriously, why bother reading if you disagree with everything and nitpick? But if you trust everything that Sather says, then you are the fool.