Thursday, February 28, 2008

33-24-8: Oh Carolina!

Awww yeah, Scotty Hockey bringing a lil Shaggy to everyone ... "Oh Carolina" one of the biggest reggae hits to crossover to mainstream radio. Does it cross over to hockey? No, not in the least, but the title does. The Rangers outskated the quick Canes to take a big 4-2 win back to New York. The Blueshirts are 6-0-2 heading into Sunday's matinee vs. the Flyers so things are going well. Can they continue to roll? Will it take us all of the way to the playoffs? Why am I talking about the future in a game recap? I don't know. So I guess I should talk about the game:

*Glad to see that Marek Malik responded to not being traded by playing his typical game. Less than a minute into the game he watched a Cane skate across in front of him and use him as a screen to hit the post. Not like he should have stepped out and checked the guy or anything ... he might break a nail. Of course he takes a lazy penalty later in the period and had the nerve to complain about it. Can he be any more disappointing? Wait, I shouldn't ask that ...

*As for the Scandic version of Mr. Malik, Cristian Backman was caught chasing after puck handlers several times and took bad penalty after bad penalty (even though the stellar forces of the four blind mice called Marc Staal for one of them). Not a good sign, I hate him already. Wally has until Sunday to learn how to play because that kind of nonsense won't fly in the Garden.

*Sjostrom's first shift was a good one, he set up Dan Girardi with smart pass. The shot was stopped but Freddie's first shift was a good one. He may turn into a good addition but where will he fit when the Rangers re-insert Colton Orr? Do the Rangers move him to the left wing and sit Hollweg? And what is this with him taking Jan Erixon's number 20 jersey? He has a lot to work on if he is to live up to the standard set by the stellar defensive Swede. But, as you could see during the second intermission interview, he has a good attitude so who knows, maybe he can do it ...

*Dubi = Calder. What an impressive goal to open the game and solid work throughout. If he keeps this up, and the Blackhawks continue to suck (sorry Kane and Toews), then the rookie of the year trophy will have to come to New York. Nigel Dawes won't have a chance at it, as the Rangers had him in Hartford for 20 games, but the demotion did wonders and the confidence has carried to New York.

*I reiterate my belief that Ranger fans should make an organized demonstration and boycott should the Blueshirts not re-sign Sean Avery. The swagger that he brings to the team is unmistakable and very necessary considering the lack of personality of the team captain. Maybe that's it, maybe Avery should get the C once Jagr goes back to Siberia next year ... wouldn't the NHL love that?

*Carolina was really, really bad in this one. They used all of their impressive team speed to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

*Yes Cally! I love that Callahan stood up for himself when he was boarded by Tim Conboy (who??) but at the same time, where was his teammates? Why did he have to chase Conboy across the ice? His fighting skills more closely resembled those of a greco-roman wrestler, but at least he got retribution.

*I was about to laud Hank for solid goaltending, but then he gave up that horrible Erik Cole goal between his legs. They let goaltenders use a stick, and when you are down on your knees, the stick is supposed to be used to cover the five hole. It isn't rocket science. How embarrassing, even by a pauper.

*The best part about watching the game at work tonight is that it is a busy evening so I am forced to watch most of it without sound, and thus, without Joe Micheletti. Every game should be as nice. But what was the deal with no trivia? A technical problem? What kind of nonsense is that?????

*Shanahan's goal to make it 4-2 was utterly gorgeous. He hasn't been the recipient of a play like that since he left Pavel Datsyuk's side in Detroit. Great work by Rozy and by Nigel Dawes to set up the play.

*PHW Three Stars
3-Cole - two goals.
2-Hank - 26 saves.
1-Dawes - two assists.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Fred Sjostrom - solid first game by the Swede on both sides of the ice.
2-Dubi/Dawesie - So young, so strong, so good, so smart. Lucky bastards ...
1-Avery - he scored and he kept the Canes off their game every shift by being himself: a pain in the ...


Jason said...


You're correct -- there was no trivia question because of "technical difficulties".

Rosen said that the trivia question for the next game would be worth "double points".

What do you & your Dad talk about when there's no trivia? The weather?


Loser Domi said...

The best part about watching the game at work tonight is that it is a busy evening so I am forced to watch most of it without sound,

Heh--I usually have the opposite problem--instead of watching the games I try to read and study while listening to them. It's...interesting as an exercise, to say the least, especially when I'm reading something depressing, say, child prostitution or Soviet invasions and then I hear "AND SUNDIN SCORES!"

Brother P said...

I was lucky enough to be at the game last night and for the first period and a half the Rangers dominated the game. I hope they can keep this play up.