Saturday, February 13, 2010

27-27-7: Well That Was Timely

A team is limping towards the Olympic break, slowly falling out of contention and the top scorer on a low scoring team is sliced and diced up. So what does said team do? Go out and beat a rival on their own ice.

How about that?

The Rangers beat the Pens in Pittsburgh 3-2 in overtime on Friday night. I wish I could go into great detail, but I didn't see it. For some reason the game was blacked out on DTV here in Seattle (at least at the Jillians I was at) and the live streams didn't work on my laptop thanks to the dingy wifi at the hotel I'm staying at. So my knowledge of the game comes from the Fox Final Score hilite and dozens upon dozens of text messages from friends of the blog Andrea and NYR34 and a section 329 friend of mine. So you guys feel free to fill in the blanks ...

*When I heard Ryan Callahan got hurt, I nearly wept. Thank goodness he is alright. If not, who would I root for on Team USA? Drury? Yeah, right. Oh yeah, not to mention that he has been the best Ranger not named Lundqvist or Gaborik.

*Olli Jokinen scored the overtime game-winner by simply ripping the puck. Simple, straightforward hockey is best most of the time folks; we've watched the Blueshirts be too cute for too long.

*MDZ got clipped with a skate across his side and bled right through his sweater. Sounds scary. Guess that won't be given away with Blueshirts Off Our Back.

*With MDZ already out, Michal Rozsival decides to jump in to help out Chris Drury when Dru was getting pummeled by the Cookie Monster (thank you Hockey Fights for that video). It is good to see this team stand up for its fourth line center - not the first line superstar, but the fourth line center. And, while doing it, leave the roster with four defensemen. Good job Rozy.

*Then again, maybe Rozy thought Drury was something more than that after Dru made the best pass of his NHL career to set up the Dubi goal to tie the game at one. Seriously, that was one helluva pass.

*And what is this about Rozy sending the puck up to Olli to get an assist on the game-winner? Is there a full moon?

*Speaking of unlikely assist artists, Artem Anisimov fed Vinny Prospal for the go-ahead goal. He also won six of seven faceoffs according to the event summary, will wonders never cease?

*He got some time alongside Vinny after Gabby couldn't go any more. Rushing the guy back was not the best of ideas but the team is in a bad spot so I guess Torts kinda hadta give it a shot.

*Oh wait, about that full moon - nevermind. Wade Redden still directly caused a goal against, setting a nice screen on Hank on Cindy's first goal. That is $8.1 million this year and we have him for four more years. Joy!

*Brandon Prust saw 13 minutes of ice time, which is curious considering the team replaced him prior to the game. Unless it was an attempt to showcase the guy so they can flip him for something else. I have no problem with Jody Shelley - I remember reading wonderful, sad things from Columbus when he was dealt to San Jose - but why do we need him with Prust on the roster? Or is Prust replacing Aaron Voros while Shelley replaces Brashear?

*After giving up on getting the game in, I went to watch the Seattle Thunderbirds take on the Moose Jaw Warriors. If you guys want a recap/observations, just ask. In fact, if I get some time, I may do it anyways. We'll see. By the way, I may have to have another recap like this for the Valentines Day game as well - I will be Amtrakking up to Vancouver while the game is going on (damned daytime match and three hour time difference). I apologize in advance.

*PHW Three Stars
3-Brandon Dubinsky - one goal.
2-Sidney Crosby - two goals.
1-Olli Jokinen - one goal.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
-None, sorry. I rip on the PHW for judging based on stats, I won't do it myself.


jetblue jimmy said...

I have a bad feeling that Avery is going to be the odd man out. Wont be scratched, but I think if a deal became available theyd move him. We all know how much Torts dislikes him: not letting him be himself, healthy scratch in playoffs, banish to 4th line, etc..I hope Im wrong but Shelly is a curious move.

Andrea said...

And Dubinsky had himself a bitchy game, even calling out CIndy as a baby in his chat with Giannone after the second. He looked more like the hustling kid who won the Steven MacDonald award a couple of years ago. Good for him. Keep it up, kid.

mike said...

Dude, how many ways do you want it? Girardi is a loser for not jumping in to protect Gabby vs. Carcillo, despite the fact that he would've been tossed out....yet Rozy is a dick for standing up for Drury? You are a hypocrite.

Your perceptions of this team fluctuate as wildly as the team itself. Torts BAD. Cally GOOD. Rozy BAD (yet you wear his jersey). Avery GOOD, despite the fact that he has been terrible this year....except against the Devils, and the Dallas Stars....every time you start to look like a journalist, the fan in you comes out. Or vice versa.

tradershort said...

Girardi was just horrible tonight. I watched him make 3 errant passes for turnovers - 2 in his own zone, 1 resulting in a goal on Cindy's onetimer. It's like he's not looking when he's passing.....just horrible.

I gotta agree w/Mike on the Rozy call. You can't have it both ways Scotty.

I too wonder about the Shelly acquisition. I'd HATE HATE HATE to see Avery moved. But, saddling him w/Anisimov and Voros (I think that was the line tonight) and in general 4th line dregs would produce an unfair assessment of his production.

I wanted him on the 2nd line all year and when Torts FINALLY moved him up and he started scoring they traded for the Joker (great shot tonite btw) who I like. I really can't argue w/that 2nd line though. Maybe a good 3rd line might be Drury centering Avery & Prust. But, that's not gonna score a whole lot either. At least Anisimov wouldn't be holding them back though.

This guy was AGAIN knocked into the middle of next week by a Pen (Orpik, I think). This slow ass, giant, baby-Hughie is a clown. He doesn't belong in the NHL. Send his ass to Hartford till he PROVES he should skate a regular shift in the NHL.

Tony V said...

Rozsy got a penalty for being the 3rd man in. That was a b.s. call -- he went to Drury's defense after he had hit Cooke cleanly. Cooke saw Drury defenseless, nearly on his knees, and wailed on him. Roszy did the right thing but the refs were wrong to call a penalty.

So 2 things happened that typically every Ranger fan complains is missing: Drury checking someone and a teammate comes to the aid of another. So fans should either appreciate both of these things or stop yapping if the team shows no spine and lets thugs like Carcillo beat up the stars. You cannot have it both ways; sometimes you have to make a stand regardless of circumstance.

Overall, the team showed a lot more snarl and only got called for 2 minors. Meanwhile, the Pens tried several times to intimidate the Blueshirts with dirty plays, but the Rangers persevered, fought back a bit and ultimately won.

selfish crab said...

Probably should have left that comment on the other post.

Regarding the Cooke-Drury fight, really Cooke, you're going to throw a player to the ice and then throw punches when he's on his back? Is that how we play hockey with courage and honor, you gutless puke?

icycup said...

i agree with crab... gutless.

dont you all love that spearing of dubi by cindy right in front of the ref and no call? what a joke.

the fans there were also a joke. crying everytime one of their players got hurt. cheering loudly everytime they had a 2 on 2 going into the offensive zone.

i hate that team more than any other in the nhl, plain and simple...

Anonymous said...

Cooke should have been called for more. He got embarrassed by a clean hit. Instigated a fight after a clean hit. Fought with a visor on and pounded a guy he wrestled to the ground when he was down. Rozy absolutely did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

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