Tuesday, February 16, 2010

28-27-7: Heading To Break On A Strong Note

Apologies for forgetting to put something up about Sunday's 5-2 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. As mentioned on the last post, I was trapped on a train so I missed it entirely. From the updates I was given by my dad and NYR34, it was another dismal first period, followed by an Avery penalty shot early in the second that sparked the bhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifig rally.

Oh, and the two fights in the game sucked, which I can attest to after watching the clips on Hockey Fights. Why Prust continues to reach out for the boards with his back hand is beyond me, but maybe that is why they brought in Jody Shelley - because the kid can't fight and Aaron Voros clearly shouldn't mess with the big boys. But they lost the fights and the team won and that is all that matters right about now. We'll just have to pray they can carry some of this momentum into the second 'half' of the season.

Let's go Rangers.

*PHW Three Stars
3-Vinny Prospal - one goal and one assist.
2-Henrik Lundqvist - 27 saves.
1-Erik Christensen - two goals and one assist.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
-Didn't see it so I can't judge but the Ranger Pundit pointed out that the PHW got it wrong yet again by judging purely on numbers and not actual game circumstances. No surprise there, it is why I do my own stars every game.


David said...

The three stars were waaaay off, but I would still have Sean Avery as a solid 2nd. Yes, Avery got them going, but Hank kept them in it all the way. After Avery's goal, the Lightning could have killed all momentum if Lundqvist doesn't make a sick save on Thompson. The save on Malone on the 3-1 in the third was insane, he's the #1 save. Christiansen had a great game, but he scored goals with the Rangers already rolling. This was Henrik's game with Avery providing the spark, like usual.

Schram said...

Hey Scotty, I was at this game (yeah they actually won when I went). They played piss poor in the first period and Sean Avery's penalty shot made the game shift into our hands. Redden of course had his share of screening Henrik, but overall they were a completely different team after Avery scored.

Schram Stars of the Game:
1.)Erik Christiansen
2.)Sean Avery
3.)King Henrik

Although Christiansen might have had goals that just added to the scoreboard. His pass to Prospal made it a tie game. His effort on the ice was noticeable and so was Callahan's (as usual). Staal had a tough time in the first period (but so did everyone else.)

By the way, those were the two worst fights I've ever witnessed, but at least I was able to root for the Rangers and not have to watch caveman Brashear.

Benny said...

good win but is it too little to late because we only have 1/4 of a season to try and even make a playoff birth. Without Gaborik they are a team that needs to focus on Defense which is something else they don't have