Thursday, February 4, 2010

Peepin' Foes: Washington Capitals

Olli Jokinen and Brandon Prust make their Garden debuts in Blueshirts tonight as the Rangers take on the Washington Capitals at 7 p.m. (MSG).

Where We Are: Coming off a three game road trip where the team went 1-2 but played considerably better than they did in the four straight losses that preceded the western swing.

Where They Are: Oh, just on a 11 game streak - 11 wins. In a row. Can you imagine? And, all it did was put them in first place in the league. And they've won six of the last eight games against the Rangers. Yeah, this looks good for us.

Who To Watch For: Really? Do I need to list 'em? Ovie, Nick Backstrom and Alex Semin are all scorchingly hot right now. Tomas Fleischmann, Mike Knuble and Brooks Laich are all providing secondary scoring - heh, that would be nice. Secondary scoring, on the Rangers?

What To Watch For: Matt Bradley has one goal in his last 18 games, which of course makes him the odds-on favourite to score. Washington started slowly in each of the last two games, yet still pulled through - if the Rangers can score a bunch of goals early ... ok, any goals ... they can not rest on their laurels and certainly can not do the typical Ranger second period slacking.

What We'll (Hopefully) See: Smarter coaching - no five forwards on the power play. No Chris Drury on the power play. Jose Theodore to change back from Theorgasm to Three-or-more. Someone cream Tom Poti for skating off the ice with his hand to his ear last spring; that sight still haunts me. Brandon Prust not to be all Ryan Hollweg again and not take a borderline boarding penalty and to get into a real fight this time, likely with Jason Chimera.

Also Check Out: I could give you a list but really, there is no point. Japer's Rink is the best Caps blog, hands down.


per djoos said...

must. link. to "how to draw jokinen" graphic at cycle like the sedins. friggin hilarious.

Pete said...

I just noticed that Scotty Hockey is actually linked about 2 lines above that picture of Jokinen.

drew said...

i actually think you need to list a new blog. japers' rink lost some cred now because their lead article is about how good tom poti is...

Scotty Hockey said...

I saw that Drew. Makes me sick. Spoke to the author about her love for Poti the other night. *shudder*

BTW folks, for more on my take on the Olli trade, Pat at Goal Line Report sent me an online interview. Thanks to him as always.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, as a Cap Tom Poti has been the exact opposite of his reputation. He's been terrific on D and the penalty kill and a zero on offense. Until the last 2 weeks.


Ben said...

I'm predicting another 4 point performance for Mr. Poti tonight, just for you Scotty!

I'm sure you remember his 1 goal, 3 assists in the Garden last playoff....what a glorious sight!!

In all seriousness, my dad's a Rangers fan so I'd like to see you all turn it around....just not tonight!

Anonymous said...

That fucking idiot Lundqvist lost again! When are they going to realize that he sucks and finally get rid of him. Chad Johnson is the only goalie who won any games for them in the last 12 games yet they don't play him. I blame Tortorella because Lundqvist loses game after game yet Torts still keeps playing Lundqvist! Chad Johnson is calmer, steadier in net and doesn't let in half as many soft goals as Lundqvist! Torts should be fired for playing a losing goaltender like Lundqvist so much and Lundqvist should be traded for scorers as soon as possible!