Sunday, January 6, 2008

20-17-5: Rangers Disappoint Yet Again

I had a busy evening at work so I had taped the game. When I went to grab the reel from the kind fellow who recorded it for me, he so nicely said "Yeah! What a game! A Shootout! ... Uh, oh man, sorry." Please applaud me for not strangling him with my bare hands. Instead, I am pretending like I didn't hear him and will watch it now, blogging along the way:

*This MSG, MSG2, FSN nonsense is annoying. I mean, its great that we get to see the games no matter what, but it does make it difficult for some to find the game. And just add in Versus and NBC and no one has a clue. The sad thing is that often the announcers don't have a clue either (I'm lookin' at you Joe), but that is something else entirely ...

*Yeah Jason Strudwick! That means no Malik and you just can't go wrong there. That guy is a disaster. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt coming into a fresh season but he has been just as stupid this year as last. Time to make a deal ... anyone have a bag of pucks to offer?

*On the subject of line-up changes, I understand Ryan Callahan hasn't been playing up to take him out of the lineup and keep Marcel Hossa is ridiculous, especially after he took dumb penalties against Vancouver. And he proves it by missing an empty net with five minutes left in the first, and three minutes into the second. Great. Super. Terrific. Superstar.

*Wow, already one minute in and the Rangers have already made six bad passes. That can't be a good thing. Midway through the season the chemistry should be there, there is no excuses left anymore. It isn't like they are trying to pass through little snowbanks like the Penguins did on New Years.

*As everyone knows, I am all for fighting but this is just stupid - Colton Orr taking on Zach Stortini. First off, its five minutes into the game so there is no reason for it, and secondly, the refs watched Stortini come across the imaginary line before the puck was dropped, which is illegal. Orr connected with a few more good shots but seriously, it was just a waste of time.

*Wow, Edmonton's power play is as bad as ours. I feel for their fans.

*I just want to take a second and point out that the Oilers have some great fans, several of whom have good blogs. Feel free to check them out.

*I've gone off on him before and everyone leaps to his defense, but Rozy just have to get his head screwed on right. He is tentative with the puck in his own zone, fumbles it when trying to make the all-important first pass, and takes stupid penalties, like the boarding call in the first on Ethan Moreau. C'mon, its Ethan Moreau ... he really isn't good.

*I included Edmonton defenseman Tom Gilbert in my 2010 (-2) Team USA and he showed why: he is young, plays with poise, makes few mistakes and moves the puck well.

*You all harassed me for it, so here it is: Scott Gomez is looking good. He is finally looking comfortable carrying the puck and he does it well. Happy now?

*The in-house music in Rexall Place actually included Billy Talent, a Canadian punk rock band. Why must the Garden stick to the same boring tracks they've played for the last five years?

*Through a period and a half Jagr hit two posts and blew a gimme one-timer with a low shot into the sprawled goaltender. I look forward to the day when he isn't in the Rangers lineup. Yeah, I said it. He has no heart, no dedication and it looks like his hands are going. C'mon, remind me again that he put up over a hundred points two years ago and is nearly at a point per game this season, yeah yeah. What has he done for the Rangers lately, especially when he is/was needed? This guy is supposed to be one of the best in the world. He hasn't been. Not even close.

*Oilers take a 1-0 lead as Rozy stands still in front, leaving a screen in front of Hank so he can't see a fluttering deflected puck. Someone call Columbus and get Adam Foote here pronto.

*Gotta love how Sam and Joe are talking up Mathieu Garon so much, like his is the second coming of George Vezina. Now, seriously, the guy is barely moving around the crease and the Rangers are shooting it right into him. I know Edmonton's logo is a circle, but it isn't a bullseye.

*Prior to the game Don Cherry talked about how stupid the touch-up icing was and watching Dustin Penner go flying after Marc Staal before losing his edge and slamming into the boards only serves to reinforce that (near the end of the second period). Could you imagine what would happen if the Oilers lost their five-year, $21.5 million investment over something so silly?

*Hahaha, Dan Girardi ties the game at one with a fluke goal not unlike the one that went past Hank, except Hank had an excuse (he was screened).

*So I talk about how bad it would be for the Oil to lose Penner and then the little bastard nails Shanny (incidentally). He came back but he better be ok in the long run; the Rangers need him desperately.

*I have been a huge advocate for Ryan Hollweg, but boarding Shawn Horcoff in a tie game is insane and dangerous. He absolutely deserved the major and misconduct.

*After the pointless holding penalty by Straka, the Oilers take a 2-1 lead but actually shooting on the power play. Maybe theirs is better than ours ...

*Hahaha, after killing the rest of Hollweg's major Jagr takes a lazy penalty. Please, someone tell me again that he deserves that "C" that he wears. I dare you.

*That is funny, in a sad way: the Rangers tied the game to force overtime on a power play (that shouldn't have been a power play). Captain Clutch scores the equalizer - maybe someone can keep yelling in his ear 5! 4! 3! ... throughout the game so he actually steps things up ahead of time instead of waiting for the last possible second.

*I feel bad for laughing now, Marty Straka spun himself into the boards and banged his head on the glass. It looks like a concussion from here but we will have to see.

*They mentioned before the game that Sheldon Souray has a bum shoulder and if not for that, he would have ended the game in overtime with that spectacular slap shot of his. Instead it went right into Hank and the game went on ...

*The Rangers went all the way to a shootout with the Edmonton Oilers and lost. I am going to need to bust out the thesaurus to find more ways to say "embarrassed."

*So the Rangers went out for a three game trip, played one decent team with a great goaltender and lost, then played an all-around good team and lost, and played one of the worse teams in the league and barely get a point out of it. Disgraceful. I hope The Dark Ranger has a ball with this one, because I am speechless at this point.

*PHW Three Stars:
3-Sam Gagner - shootout goal (that barely went in, the PHWs are morons).
2-Jagr - one assist, one terrible/halfhearted shootout try and what, three posts?
1-Horcoff - goal and an assist.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Jarrett Stoll - he kept shooting and shooting and shooting. Granted he didn't score but, being someone who has watched the Rangers so much, I appreciate anyone who isn't afriad to shoot.
2-Dan Girardi/Marc Staal - best Rangers on the ice all night long, bar none.
1-Garon - despite not making a single big stop in the game, walks away with a 29 save win.

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