Thursday, November 27, 2008

16-7-2: Beating the Bolts

I wish I could provide my usual coverage of tonight's Ranger shootout win over the Tampa Bay Lightning but I cannot. I read the recap but you know that never gives the full picture. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was at the Islander game and MSG has decided not to re-air the game this evening. According to the channel guide, there will be "Rangers in 60" from 6am-7am but that is it.

Instead of replaying it tomorrow - a slow sports day in New York - they are airing 10 straight episodes of the "50 Greatest Moments at MSG," that mediocre documentary series that fell far short of the hype. I will try to tape the early morning cut of the game (I'm not in the modern age with DVR/Tivo) and update this but can make no guarantees.

Instead, I ask you guys to use the comments to point out the big stuff and answer some questions:

*Was Michal Rozsival actually good? The box score had him assisting on both goals in regulation. How about Markus Naslund, who was credited with both goals and scored in the shootout ...

*One of those was a power play goal and yet the unit still went 1-6. Were they that bad?

*Were the Rangers playing for overtime, even with a one goal lead? Is that how Tampa tied it late?

*Nik Zherdev fought Steve Stamkos? Wtf??

*While there is little surprise that Colton Orr fought David Koci, was there any actual reason for it? Or was Orr lowering himself back down the level of a common goon and fighting another meathead for the sake of justifying their paycheck?

*The Rangers were outhit 26-11, what happened? Where was Cally?

*How was My Lil' Buddy Marek Malik??

*Are the PHW three stars worthy choices?
3-Evgeny Artyukhin - seven hits.
2-Michal Rozsival - two assists.
1-Markus Naslund - two goals and a third in the shootout.


nyrmike21 said...

Rozy finally played a good game for once. Redden on the other hand, not so well. As for Naslund, that whole second line seems to be clicking. The whole Koci-Orr thing was Orr sticking up for his teammates. Artuhykin was running around taking liberties and Orr made him pay for it. On the bench you could see Tocchet talking to Koci telling him to get Orr next time around. So when they lined up again Orr had to go with Koci. On the Lightning's tying goal, the Rangers couldn't clear and than St.Louis had a beautiful tip that beat Hank. As for the three stars, I agree with the last two, but definitely not the third. Artuhykin was not deserving of the third star as he barely made a difference, it should've been St.Louis who got the tying goal. As for Malik, dumbo stepped on the puck in his own zone and gave Dubi and Nazzy a perfect opportunity but Nazzy couldn't get it past Smith

Graying Mantis said...

Mike was accurate.

In the 3rd period, the Rangers had just killed a penalty before Tampa pulled its goalie (I think it was the 2nd PK in the last 10 minutes of the game). Though the defense was very tired as it had been an up and down game throughout, St. Louis made a beautiful deflection and there was nothing anyone could do. That just sometimes happens and I would not blame the defense and I would not blame Henrik at all.

Henke was wonderful as was Tampa's goalie. In the 3rd, Naslund couldn't lift a shot over the goalie's pad and Drury missed on a breakway. If either goes in, it's 3-1 and I think the game is over.

Roszy was indeed quite good. Likely the best game of the year for him. Smart play, keeping the puck in the corners without turnovers, nice shots, exuding confidence.

The team skated well overall for the entire game. Tampa is huge but the Rangers were able to move the puck. Not as much north/south as against Phoenix but I liked the line play and the backchecking by forwards.

Cally was on the ice but his timing was off. He whiffed on a beautiful set-up and was a hair behind on numerous passes. Just not his night.

Betts and Orr had some great opportunities. Again, Betts was a monster on the PK and went to the net strong on at least one occasion.

OT was outrageous -- the Rangers had the puck for 1:15 without leaving Tampa's zone but could not put it in. Both teams were exhausted at the end.

It really was an entertaining game. You wish Rangers in 60 was in 90 instead. As has been my refrain, the Rangers could have had 4 goals if they could shoot better.

Have a good holiday.

Anonymous said...

Rozsival DID play much better in every zone. Good outlet passes, good defensive plays, and a good job reading when to pinch and when not to in the offensive zone.

Redded was crap though.

Naslund played a great game. He showed why he is a name in the league and should have had at least 3 maybe even 4 goals but was robbed by Mike Smith who displayed a lot of talent in the TB net.

The power play maintained possessionvery well and looked decent most of the time, but they only capitalized the one time. But at this point I think we Ranger fans can define a "decent" power play as one where we don't give up a shortie.

The goal that tied it late was a deflection on wrist shot from the point not very long after TB pulled the goalie. I don't think it was the Rangers fault, just a lucky bounce for TB

Nik fought Stamkos and to me it shows his hard work and dedication to the team. Its not like Stamkos was out there gooning it up, but Nik showed that he has a fire and he cares about what happens in the game, which is what everyone was concerned about when he was coming here from Ohio

Koci deserved what he got from Orr. There's too many post-game writings talking about how the Rangers didnt do anything about getting physically abused. But tonight Orr responded and put Koci in his place. Good time for a fight, not just justifying the paycheck.

Arty and Koci were throwing hits all game. And while Cally, Girardi, and Orr were trying, they just did not generate the same amount of physical play that TB did

Malik was his usual horrible self. He gave the puck away numerous times, including the time when he fell down on his ass when there was nobody around him in his own zone. Good times.

--RENO section 316

Scotty Hockey said...

Thanks guys!

Of course I miss Rozy playing well .. ah well ... maybe he will continue it against the Panthers?!?