Tuesday, December 29, 2009

V2010: Norway

Norway released their roster for the team that will go 0-3 in Vancouver. I know that is being harsh but c'mon, they face Canada on the 16th, the U.S. on the 18th (got a ticket, woo hoo!) and Switzerland on the 20th - if they win any of them it will be an upset.

Risto Pakarinen has the write-up at that link above and is far more knowledgeable than I about Scandic hockey. Taking a look myself, only six of them play in the GET-ligaen, the national league, which I guess is a good thing considering the low level of talent in that circuit. The bad thing is that two of the six are two of the team's netminders - Pål Grotnes and Ruben Smith and they rank just sixth and seventh in the league. The third goalie is Andre Lysenstøen, a 21 year old kid playing in the second tier of the Finnish league.

Former Philadelphia Flyer Patrick Thoresen will head up the offense. You may remember him from when he blocked a slap shot with his balls. Damn. After finding out that his testicles were not ruptured, Thoresen spent last season in Switzerland (63 points in 48 games with Lugano) and is currently in Russia with Ufa Salavat Yulayev, where he is averaging just over a point per game (40 in 38). He will be joined by a lot of guys who make their living in Sweden, some of whom can actually score but none of whom will be able to actually score on any of Canada's goaltenders.

Thoresen jumped ship from Philly (who would blame him) but his fellow countryman Ole-Kristian Tollefsen signed there this off-season. Tollefsen should anchor the blueline despite having sprained his knee earlier this month - his 13th injury in three seasons. This guy's body clearly can't take the mileage that he puts on it as a rough-and-tumble defensive defenseman. He will certainly have a tough time in Vancouver but if he gets hurt again, at least he can say he was hurt as an Olympian.


Santio - Regualar Norwegian reader and HUGE Ranger-fan said...

Cool you took a glance at this (and my team too, and you pretty much sumed it correst up with Toresen as our best player and our Goaltending that makes Vally look like the great wall of china :-)

Scotty Hockey said...

Thanks Santio - quick question, is that Vikingstad player any good? The thought of a Norway sweater with that name is incredible. Numbers show good production for him in Germany ...

Santio said...

Vikingstad as bin great throughout his career, a star player in both Sweden (In one of the better teams, Farjestad) and Germany (Hanover). Voted MVP in the German League 05/06. Drafted 180th overall as a 24 y old in 1999 by St.Louis Blues. Everyone who knows Norwegian, Swedish an German hockey a little bit will consider him a great player. Will be one of the most used players in Vancouver, Probably on a line with Thoresen.

christ0ph said...

Santio has some good comments regarding the norwegian team. However bear in mind that Grotnes, who is a semi-pro working as a carpenter (atleast he used to) has put up dry-walls to stop Canada before. Ruben Smith also has a great potential.

Vikingstad is one of the most experienced players on the norwegian team and will be a key.

I do however believe that Norway will be able to beat SUI and if they can scare USA or CAN for a period or two thats a bonus.