Saturday, October 31, 2009

Peepin' Foes: Boston Bruins

The Rangers will have to get rid of the Halloween hangover quickly as they are back in action Sunday at 1pm against the Boston Bruins in the real Garden (not the Gahden).

Where We Are: Attempting to recover from lackluster loss after lackluster loss with a game at home before heading out for a three game swing through western Canada.

Where They Are: Playing the second of back-to-back games. Boston scored two third period goals today to defeat Edmonton 2-0 and continue their season-long trend of win-a-game-lose-a-game.

Who To Watch For: With no Marc Savard and no Milan Lucic (both injured), other players are having to step up. Patrice Bergeron and Marco Sturm are both recovered from major injuries and attempting to fill their rolls. They aren't as good but do lead the team in scoring. David Krejci is suffering from big contract hangover, thankfully, but Derek Morris has seven points in 11 games and is helping lead the rush. Our old Montreal adversary Steve Begin is a Bruin now so Hank had better protect his paint. And you can't forget Mount Chara, which can score on that sick slapper or by deflection from in front.

What To Watch For: The Rangers have been notoriously terrible in matinee matches either from sleeping in and never getting started or taking midafternoon naps and falling apart later on. Lately they have been sleeping through night games so maybe the rolls are reversed.

What We'll (Hopefully) See: Sean Avery to remember that he is Sean Avery and reacquaint himself with Tim Thomas - that is, if he is healthy enough to play. Dane Byers is still with the team so perhaps he isn't. The Rangers sent Marian Gaborik's replacement down today so it will be nice to see him return. Hopefully we will see him return in style with a goal or three. And Shawn Thornton vs Brash, but I doubt it since Thornton can win so Brash will likely avoid him all game.

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jb said...

Brashear's ineptitude and cowardice is absolutely stunning. Is there anyone in pro sports who is getting paid more to do less, who is not injured? $1.4 million a year and so far in 10 games: 1 assist, 6 shots, -3, 23 PIM, and averaging around 8 min per game of ice time. So he's getting paid over $2000 per minute of ice time, not the same as $2000+ per minute of work. He's already climbed in the tank and we have him until 2011!

He's on track to be Sather's worst signing ever. All the Brash lovers will be eating crow for years. Is there anyone out there who thinks he's just getting warmed-up and wants to make the case for donald.

John said...

Sather's made some pretty awful signings(see Redden, Wade and Rozsival, Michal) so I wouldn't call brash his worst signing ever...
I mean I obviously would still rather have orr or a bag of pucks in brashears place, but a 2 year deal for that jerk isnt that awful and I really do hope he contributes something positive at some point.

we shall see. In the meantime the approximately 18 million in cap space dedicated to redden, rozy, and drury hopefully will step up to help us beat the bruins tomorrow

Noah's Art said...

yeah i think players like rozie and redden, who are often HUGE liabilities when on the ice, and cost WAY more for WAY longer, are much worse signings. redden has shown some flashes of decency this season, but rozie has just been awful. i was really hoping they'd be able to move him, now it doesn't look likely.