Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Peepin' Foes: New York Islanders

The Rangers will be going up against the first game of the World Series when they take on the Islanders out at the Mausoleum on Wednesday night. Hopefully, by the time first pitch is thrown at 7:57, the Rangers will already be well ahead. How upset must the Islanders be that one of their three guaranteed sellouts isn't a guaranteed sellout due to a baseball game?? Ha!

Where We Are: Likely without Marian Gaborik, but still in good shape. Pierre Parenteau was called up to fill in for him (just in case) and PA has had the hot stick of late, leading the AHL in scoring with eight goals in nine games for the Pack. The Rangers won their last game (thankfully) after a losing streak.

Where They Are: The Islanders are on a three-game losing streak after winning a game - the only game they've won all year (and one that they needed the skills competition to win). To no one's surprise, they stink.

Who To Watch For: Tavares came out of the gates scoring as expected but hasn't been on the scorecard in four games. Nonetheless, he has raised the game of the concussed Kyle Okposo and Rob Brown Matt Moulson. Swiss Miss Mark Streit has been underwhelming, as has the free agent goaltending of Mmmmaaaaaarrrttttyyyy Biron and Dwayne Roloson. Our old friend Brendan Witt has the second-worse plus/minus in the NHL at -10 (Brent Burns is -11).

What To Watch For: How the Ranger offense adjusts without Gabby. The Rangers' discipline level; five of Tavares' seven points came with a man advantage. Tim Jackman and/or Nate Thompson crease crashing. Sean Avery on the Island, 'nuff said there.

What We'll (Hopefully) See: A Mausoleum full of Ranger fans. Chris Higgins to finally score. Chris Drury to step up and play his best hockey, as he always does against the Isles. Hobey Gilroy to play big in front of a hometown crowd. Brashear to do his job for once and protect Hank.

Also Check Out: Mike the Islesblogger is a good guy rooting for the wrong team, the sweet-looking Dee is actually the obsessed Isles 7th Woman and Chris Botta has stayed with the beat Point Blank despite getting canned by them. What a nice guy. For the SBN fans out there, they have the hopefully inaccurately named Lighthouse Hockey; go Kate Murray! Turn out the Lighthouse!


Anonymous said...

i'm voting for kate


Jim said...

Scotty, I believe Rangers Reporting is, well, reporting that Brashear will not be in the lineup tonight. I could be wrong, though

Kingrich45 said...

I almost wish the Islanders were a little better, I started ripping on my friend the other day who's an Islander fan and his spirit is just broken, what fun is that. I was going on about how terrible the Islanders were and he was just like, I know its bad. Then I was saying how maybe in another 12 years when there done with Dick Depenisatro's contract and he's played all of 10 games they could have some cap space to hire some free agents and he was like "thats if there not in Kansas City by then"..... Damn taking shots at themselves.... Well hopefully it'll at least be two easy points and a chance to see the Rangers at a discount.

Pete said...

It's a shame McElroy is far too attractive to lose the race.

That is how people win elections these days, right? By being good looking orators?

Anonymous said...


we will regret the isles being this bad in a few years if they keep getting top 3 draft picks. i want them to be bad but not bottom feeder bad. like 8 from the bottom bad would be just perfect - league wide.

and we can't count on milbury to screw things up with screwy trades any more.

of course if they move to kc or canada then they can be as good or bad as they want and i'll still be happy.


Scotty Hockey said...

Jim - I just saw that too about Brash. Guess he wants to avoid a game where he may actually have to fight or do his job. I wouldn't complain - as it is better when he isn't wearing a Ranger jersey - but he is getting paid and that pisses me off.

Pete - Bitter McCain man.

Joe - I agree, we can't let them rebuild Penguins-style if they are gonna stay in our outhouse.

islesblogger said...

LOL Thanks for the kind words Scott.