Saturday, October 17, 2009

Peepin' Foes: Toronto Maple Leafs

Taking the train home tonight from an exceptional dinner with friends, a old hippie came up to me and asked the time. So, I told the grey-haired, frayed pony-tailed, round sunglass-wearing-at-night burnout the time, 1 am. He turned back to me (as I was wearing a Ranger thermal under my Ranger jacket) and said 'thanks maaaaaaaaaaaann, and go Rangers! Go, go Rangers!!' When I didn't immediately join in his exuberance, he started ranting at me 'ya gotta belieeeeeeeeve man, ya gotta belieeeeeeeeve!!!!!!'

And I bet he doesn't read this blog (and post anonymously).

Well, I'm trying to find faith and these two upcoming games will go far to help that. First off the Rangers play Toronto on Hockey Night in Canada (and thus this Peepin' Foes) and then Monday they face the high-powered Sharks. Last year the Rangers lost to San Jose out in California but it was one of their best-played games all season. But we will get to that on Sunday or Monday. For now, let's look at the Leafs:

Where We Are: The Rangers head into the Air Canada Center Saturday night carrying a six pack of wins - mmmmm, six pack of wiiiiiiins - and a whole lotta confidence.

Where They Are: Winless. After getting blown out in the Garden Monday, they lost to the Avalanche 4-1 Tuesday and have been off since. That will be three straight days licking their wounds and listing to the Toronto media call them out for sucking so badly. It will get even worse if we beat them again, seeing as the Leafs will have six more days off before their next game.

Who To Watch For: Everyone. Ron Wilson will surely pull out the spurs to try to kick these guys into giving it their all with so much time to recover afterwards. And embarrassment on Hockey Night in Canada is embarrassment of the highest level so if they don't come out hard heads will surely roll.

What To Watch For: Joey MacDonald to get hot and shut down the Ranger attack - he did it last year with the Isles so he has it in him, but I wouldn't bet on it. Mike Komisarek to respond to his coach and play like he did last season. Marian Gaborik to score another third period goal.

What We'll (Hopefully) See: MacDonald finding company in his crease as the Rangers go for vengeance for all of the crease-crashing in Tuesday's game. Brashear/Orr '09 II. Someone to send Jason Blake back to munchkinland. Sean Avery to continue to stick it to Toronto. Chris Higgins to finally knock one in. The Leafs failing to exploit Rozy and Redden's defensive incompetence. No mental slips like those made during last year's showing in Hockey Night In Hell.

Also Check Out: Down Goes Brown, Toronto Mike, the Bitter Leaf Fan (aren't they all?) and personal fav Pension Plan Puppets. PPP is probably one of the top-five best team-specific blogs out there covering our fair sport so definitely check out their corner of SB Nation.


Noah's Art said...

i dont know if you've seen it but here's a GREAT interview with sean avery from about maybe a year ago (before the sloppy seconds), where he trashes TML. great stuff.

Andrea said...

PS.: This feature is my favorite part of your blog, Scott!

Andrea said...

Any prizes for those of us who voted for Staal to score ???? :-)