Friday, October 23, 2009

Peepin' Foes: Montreal Canadiens

The Rangers head up to the Bell Centre for a Hockey Night In Canada match against the Habs Saturday night. Great arena, great atmosphere, silly French-Canadians - as I've said in the past, everyone should go there once.

Where We Are: Back on earth, picking up the pieces of shattered dreams, looking for answers ... being overly melodramatic just 10 games into the season.

Where They Are: The Habs won two, lost five, then won two. Jaro Halak was in net for both of the last two wins so perhaps they have finally realized that Carey Price is more Steve Penney than Jesus. Montreal's last game was a 5-1 romp over the Isles on Thursday.

Who To Watch For: We saw that a motivated MexiCan't was a MexiCan when he faced the Devils in the playoffs so if Scott Gomez feels particularly vengeful, he could dominate. Gomez has five points in nine games, proving once again that he is not a point per game player - even with Lollipop Guild representative Brian Gionta and Mike Cama-lama-ding-dong playing alongside him on the power plays. Paul Mara has five assists and has played as big as his beard, which is huge. Former Long Island Jawz star Glen Metropolit has four points in three games (and you thought that Brash had it tough? Check out Metro's history). And Tomas Plekanec, who is such a fantasy hockey tease, is currently leading the team in scoring.

What To Watch For: Gomez to dive and cry to the refs like he did against the Thrashers on Tuesday (1:22 mark) - when it didn't work he got all tough - high class character right there. Gionta to skate through everyone's legs to pop up and score a goal or two, as he always did for the Devils against us. Brashear to miraculously heal from his "soreness" to play in his hometown.

What We'll (Hopefully) See: Three passes in a row. Disciplined hockey - the mighty midgets are good with the man advantage so we need to keep the goals on the top shelf out of their reach. The defense to not allow Travis Moen to crash into Hank. A triumphant return by Chris Higgins that includes a goddamned goal (pardon the language; it is frustrating). Gentleman Georges Laraque (he of the incredible Octane ad) vs. Brash.

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Yves said...

Almost game time!

I have no problem with Gionta going through everyone's legs...

He gets shots on goal every game.

Ben said...

yea, because i'm sure Gomez meant to dive head first into the boards.

it's not like he wasn't pushed from behind, while in a vulnerable position.

give me a break.