Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello From Chicago

Hiya folks, how's life? I just wanted to check in from the chilly second city. The pic above of the rink was taken from the roof over at Murphy's, one of the many bars with bleachers up on the roof around Wrigley. After heading back downstairs to watch the Red Wings smoke the Blackhawks 4-0, I ventured outside where it was snowing:

Oh, and before I forget, we tried to talk our way inside through the utility gate but to no avail. We still got a neat perspective of the grandeur that the players will feel:

I didn't head over to Wrigley today but saw the inside of the Intercontinental Hotel, which is the downtown headquarters of the Classic and is plastered with logos. A few blocks away is a Blackhawks team shop and I managed to not spend too much money. Go me! Tomorrow should be quite amazing. For more reading this evening, check out the Goal Line Report where Patrick decided to do an interview with ... me?!?


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