Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Peepin' Foes: Atlanta Thrashers

Where We Are: Do I really have to remind you of how we just got burned by the Flames in yet another passionless piss-poor performance?

Where They Are: They are not a good hockey team, but they proved to be better than the Islanders on Saturday by bouncing back from a 1-0 first minute deficit to win 5-1. Yeah Islanders. That was on Saturday so they have been sitting and waiting for the Rangers to come through since then which may be good, it may be bad. As they lead Tampa by just one point in the race for the top spot in the lotto, I would say it will be a bad thing.

Who To Watch For: Kovy is still a hockey god, even if he is surrounded by a poor team. His contract is due up at the end of the season so if we can buy out Wade Redden ... no, I'm not that lucky. Brian Little has played big for them (and for my fantasy teams) and has averaged nearly a point per game while going +6 on this lousy squad. Slava Kozlov has always hurt the Rangers on the scoreboard, while that idiot Garnet Exelby has always tried to hurt the Rangers on the ice.

What To Watch For: See which team starts skating first. See if the Rangers actually go Moose hunting and follow up their shots on Johan Hedberg to get some dirty goals. It would be a nice change ...

What We'll (Hopefully) See: A team that proves that there is life and talent to go with the huge contracts. Either that, or one that proves Zipay right by struggling enough offensively that we demand the Rangers acquire Mats Sundin. And Wade Redden to get hurt again so Corey Potter can return to the lineup.

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And, as always, head over to Weinman's Ranger Report for the latest in Blueshirt news, which seems to have a lot of lineup changes including Vally in for Hank.

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