Friday, December 12, 2008

Yeah Jed!! Good Luck!!

In a small piece of news that went under the radar last week, former Ranger fan favourite Jed Ortmeyer returned to professional hockey. Unfortunately it is not in the NHL:
The Predators reassigned the 30-year-old right wing to Milwaukee of the American Hockey League on Wednesday after sending him through waivers. Ortmeyer had missed all of training camp and the entire season because of a blood clot in his leg. --The Tennessean, 12-4-08
Being as he went unclaimed through waivers down to the A, Jed will have to really shine if he is to make it back to the NHL this season. The good news is that he is off to a great start with an assist in his first game and the game winning goal in his third! As I went on a futile quest for photos of Jed's goal, I found that the Quad City beat writer attributed it to a Mike Ortmeyer, but it was certainly our boy; gotta love small town journalism. Coincidentally, another former Ranger property - Huge Mistake Hugh Jessiman - was out with an injury for Milwaukee.

Sadly the Admirals (who have the coolest logo in all of sport) do not have any more games in the NY/CT area this season so we won't get a chance to see him wearing the skull and bones. Nonetheless, we want to wish Jed the best of luck from a distance and hopefully he will make it back to the big show before too long!!


Anonymous said...

Actually, the Predators' coach Barry Trotz has already mentioned how well Jed is performing in Milwaukee and tossed his name around for a call up with the injuries to Jordin Tootoo and Scott Nichol. Sadly they brought in Ryan Jones instead. I think part of that may be because Jed has only played those 3 games with the Ads since Feb. 23rd of 2008. He may need a bit more conditioning before coming back to the big team. Still I was thrilled to hear those words out of Trotz's mouth so soon. Way to go Jed!!

(Yes, I am a Predators fan, but I was a fan of Jed's from his Ranger days.)

Brother P said...

I don't have any idea why you sweat Jed so hard. He was at best an average player

Scotty Hockey said...

Shannon - Thanks for the update!! Tis very appreciated.

Brother - Because Jed had heart. Because Jed worked his ass off every single shift. Not like this bunch of ... pussies.