Monday, December 29, 2008

Remembering Mike Gartner

Tonight Mike Gartner rightfully had his number retired in Washington. Lest it be forgotten, Gartner was a helluva Ranger as well. While he will never see his #22 raised to the rafters of the Garden, his contributions to the team should be honoured as well. Gartner, seen on the right wearing the captain's C when Mark Messier was out, was respected for his speed, skill, smarts and dedication to the jersey. He had a great scoring touch and often electrified the Garden crowd while playing a big part in the community as well.

Gartner, who came in a trade for Ulf Dahlen in 1990, had 312 points in 351 games wearing a Blueshirt before he was cast away before the Cup run so Mark Messier could bring in the overrated and undeserving Glen Anderson (for shame Hall of Fame, for shame - it isn't the Hall of Pretty Good With Great Teammates). Gartner never got to sip from Stanley but had a helluva career and deserves to be remembered fondly here in New York because he gave his all as a Ranger and was pretty damn successful. We could definitely use a player of his ilk right about now ...

Best wishes Mike, and congratulations!

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Mike Gartner was ten times better than Glenn Anderson in 94. That was the worst trade I can remember seeing. I wish the Rangers had gartner when they won the cup.