Sunday, January 25, 2009

C'mon Already ...

The woman who founded the Special Olympics is a wonderful, wonderful lady. But for Versus to waste a full intermission segment on a long-winded feature about her during the NHL All Star Game is a slight to the league. This is a "showcase" event for the NHL and Versus doesn't want to talk about hockey. It was bad enough that the lead-in for the game was a bicycling race, but this is ridiculous.

And Gary Bettman is happy with the league's partnership with them? Just how desperate is he?


Anonymous said...

I agree a better time could have been found for the feature on the Special Olympics. I also agree Versus coverage is routinely terrible. Yet as a person with a physical disability I find the tone of your comments entirely negative if not demeaning. Disabled people of all types enjoy sports and share the same rights as every American. In spite of this, discrimination is common. Based on my experience most sporting venues still have grossly inferior accessible seating and too many patrons are point blank rude to disabled people. Perhaps the intermission segment however poor its place had a point to make.

Scotty Hockey said...

As I qualified my statement, the woman is a wonderful person for what she has done. I would never take anything away from that.

My point is that the package had nothing to do with hockey, and the All Star Game broadcast should be all about the sport. That's all. Nothing demeaning to those with disabilities, outside of Gary Bettman.