Saturday, January 3, 2009

NYR Midterm Report Card '08-09

In the wake of Steve Zipay's Ranger report card, I thought I would post my grades. Zipay is like that nice elementary school teacher who wants everyone to walk away happy and to look good amongst their peers, while knowing that there is room for improvement.

I am not that nice.

I like to think that I am more like my senior year economics teacher Mr. Sherrow. A former colonel in the army, Mr. Sherrow was hard but he was fair and he always spoke his mind while pulling no punches. These grades are not comparisons of these players to anyone else, but a judgment of how they played compared to how they could play. As it was with my parents on my report cards, anything lower than a B-minus is failure. With that being said, here is my version of the Rangers midterm marks, with a more comprehensive card to follow at the end of the season:

A-minus - Ryan Callahan, Petr Prucha, Stephen Valiquette

B-plus - Lauri Korpikoski, Paul Mara, Marc Staal

B - Colton Orr, Blair Betts, Nigel Dawes, Nikolai Zherdev

B-minus - Henrik Lundqvist, Markus Naslund, Fredrik Sjostrom

C - Chris Drury, Brandon Dubinsky, Michal Rozsival

D - Scott Gomez, Aaron Voros, Dan Girardi

F - Wade Redden, Dmitri Kalinin

INC - Dan Fritsche, Corey Potter

Agree? Disagree? Care to dispute the grade? Use the comments ...


Anonymous said...

The only thing I would dispute on this report card is the Gomez grade. I would like to request a grade change. Can we change the grade to an "F" .. He shot his mouth off last week on how there is no more excuses. He needs to step it up.. So Mr. Gomez shut up ad put up some points.. As I am writing this they just lost to the ugly Russian. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ....

nyrmike21 said...

I think Freddy's played well and deserves a better grade, and I agree with Anon1. Also I think Drury should be dropped a grade. Did he even play tonight?

Noah's Art said...

i'd give henrik a B or a B+, he's doing the best he can with half of the defense playing like chums. orr gets a b+ considering his improvement. sjostrom gets a B. Rozie gets a D...he's been putting up a few points lately, but he still can't play defense...and gomez gets an F.

Scotty Hockey said...

I can't really argue with the F for Gomez but keep in mind that I my grades were a "judgment of how they played compared to how they could play" and, frankly, I never thought Gomez was any good ...

BTW - another loyal reader Bill chimed in with his report card and I wanted to share his failures, with his explanations:
-Drury not Captain material
-Gomez minus 11, way less points than Naslund
-Rozsival minus 9 for a D
-Redden minus 6 see Rosie
-Kalinin minus 13, how does Henrik survive?
-Voros healthy scratch nowdays
-Sjostrom minus 8 without any points

And I thought I was a pretty tough grader; I bet the Rangers hope he grades on a curve ...

Canyon of Blueshirts said...

*Speaking of defensemen, did anyone else watch Mike Green and start praying that Bobby Sanguinetti turns out like that?

haha. thats exactly what i thought

Canyon of Blueshirts said...

hah i think i actually wrote that too somewhere.. i really dont understand whats going on with gomez. i've never seen him play so bad. him and drury both. drury's been invisible too often and i seem to only notice gomez lately unless he's making a mistake. your right on with dawes though, he did make some big plays defensively

Salvage21 said...

You gave girardi a D?
Come on man, even if he hasn't improved by leaps and bonds from as expected from his first two campaigns, atleast you could give the guy a sympathy grade for having to play with Redden. And he has improved his physical game.