Saturday, January 17, 2009

Peepin' Foes: Pittsburgh Penguins

The NBC season gets underway Sunday as the Rangers face the Penguins at 12:30 in Pittsburgh.

Where We Are: Whether you agree with me or not that the penalties that were called in Chicago yesterday were fair, there is no disputing that the Rangers played one helluva game to escape the Windy City with a 3-2 win. That makes three victories in a row, all on the road. Not too shabby.

Where They Are: Marc-Andre Fleury has finally proven that he is a fraud, so the Pens just picked up Mathieu Garon from the Oilers. There is no word on if he will start on Sunday just yet so keep an eye on Goalie Post for the lastest news. Outside of the crease, it seems like half of the Pens roster is hurt. The Pens homepage updated their injury situation this afternoon, and apparently we will get away without having to face the thug Brooks Orpik but the Cole Harbour Crybaby Crosby will be back in action. It's a nationally televised game, of course the limelight lover will miraculously get healthy in time to play ...

Who To Watch For: Matt Cooke put together a two goal performance in the last Pens game, a 3-1 win over the Ducks. Miro Satan, as always, steps his game up against the Rangers and that Gina Malkin sure is something when the Blueshirts are on the other side of the ice.

What To Watch For: If you thought that the ice was slanted towards Chicago on Friday, just wait for this one as there is no way that the refs will let anyone touch Cindy with the 'world' watching.

What We'll (Hopefully) See: I will continue to pray for a Staal vs. Staal bout at center ice, but since that isn't likely to happen, how about a nice blowout performance? The Pens are reeling ... of course that makes them more dangerous but they simply are not a top-tier team this season and the Rangers are attempting to prove that they are. So let's prove it already.

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And, as always, head over to Weinman's Ranger Report and Zipay's Blue Notes. Zipay is saying that Dan Girardi is good to go for tomorrow after yesterday's tilt with Cam Barker.

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