Monday, January 5, 2009

Renney = FAIL

According to Sam Weinman, Tom Renney has scratched Lauri Korpikoski for tonight's game and is dressing Aaron Voros in his place.
“Getting Voros back in, getting his game back into the lineup, and his presence at the net to help our power play,” Renney said when explaining his rationale.

To help the power play? The power play that Voros was incapable of helping prior to his benching? The power play that Voros scored one goal on in his last 33 games?
Renney went on to acknowledge that Voros, who has been a scratch the past two games in part because of a drop-off in his fitness level, has worked his way back into shape; and that the move tonight was an effort to reward that.

So Renney will reward players who work out off the ice but he won't punish the ones who don't work on it ...


Canyon of Blueshirts said...

Here lauri, you've skated your ass off the past few games but your going to have to sit. Because aaron voros is the cure for our power play. the same guy who has disappeared for three months. awesome renney you are just so clever

Brother P said...


Pete said...

Prucha saw some power play time on today vs the pens...don't know if it worked but, go pru!