Monday, January 12, 2009

Peepin' Foes: New York Islanders

The Rangers will return to the Mausoleum tomorrow to take on Gordon's Fishermen. Zipay is already reporting that DP will be out for the Isles, while Hank will get another start for the Blueshirts.

Where We Are: The Rangers played back-to-back games on the road Friday and Saturday and came away with three points. That's pretty good. They played boring, defensive we-can-win-in-regulation-but-if-it-goes-to-an-OT-or-a-shootout-we-are-fine-with-that-too hockey which the Rodent believes will be the start of a trend.

Where They Are: The Isles are limping in after losing four straight road games. Had they not put five shots on net in the second period of the opener against Phoenix, perhaps they wouldn't have lost there, and they probably got screwed out of at least point in Edmonton on a kicked goal, But it couldn't have happened to a better team ...

Who To Watch For: Richard Park is always dangerous against the Rangers, especially with their tendency to give the puck up in bad spots on the power play. Kyle Okposo has also been on a tear with eight points in his last eight games.

What To Watch For: See if the Rangers can keep this up-tempo, low-risk hockey up against a team that is desperate for a win, especially one against their rivals. Also see which Hank shows up - the one who stopped 60 of 60 shots against the Pens and Sens, or the one who missed five of 24 against Montreal. He gave up four to the Isles at the Garden last time, making it waaay too close for comfort.

What We'll (Hopefully) See: In a word? Domination.

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As always, I recommend people check out Sam Weinman's Ranger Report and Steve Zipay's Blue Notes for up-to-the-minute updates on the Blueshirts. And, if you didn't grab it last time, I definitely think that that you should hit up iTunes and pick up the classic Zambonis track, "Johnny Got Suspended."
A long time ago
my friend Johnny got suspended for wearing
an 'Islanders Sucks' t-shirt.The teacher said to him,
'Young man, you will report to the office
and talk to the principal there.'

The principal said to Johnny,
'I'm ashamed.
Where's your brain
to wear such a slogan in a public place?
I called your mom.
There she is right now. She said,

What can I say?
I'm in a state
of disarray.
You will be punished,
that's for sure.
But your father says he's proud
and the Rangers rule!'

got suspended
for wearing
an 'Islanders Sucks' t-shirt.
Oh yes he did. (x4)

got suspended
for wearing
an 'Islanders Sucks' t-shirt.
Oh yes he did. (x8)

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7th Woman said...

Hey Scotty! Glad you're worried about Richard Park. Maybe Blake Comeau will show a little sparkle too. Maybe. The only thing I can say about THIS upcoming matchup... At least there won't be any SIDE SHOW! Just hockey. THANK GOD!

Looking forward to a good game, no matter who gets the points. And please... no more INJURIES!