Thursday, February 19, 2009

31-22-6: Pruuuuu!

My deepest apologies folks, this will be it for the game; I have the flu. Hope to return to normal programming for Saturday and Sunday game wraps.

For the second straight game the momentum was changed by a fight and this time it was in the Rangers favour. But if I was to tell you it was Petr Prucha, who not only actually dressed for the game but was the Rangers best player, you would have thought I was out of my mind. And you would be right.

But the kid won the tussle against Sean Bergenheim and he pretty much sent a message to his coach that he doesn't quite 'wear down' when he actually sees the ice. A great effort by Pru and a solid, if not convincing win over the evil Isles.


NYRFan said...

Remember the beginning of the year when Renney said "Prucha was in the best condition of anyone on the team" but then he says "afraid he would wear down" God he doesn't even lie well

Anonymous said...

I am quite happy with Petr Prucha. I think Renney is sorely mistaken by putting Prucha on the inactive, healthy scratch, or whatever he feels like doing at the time. This young, "YOUNG" hockey player is going to show him he can play. Then just like every one before him. The Rangers in their infinite wisdom will trade him away, this way he can go on and have a stellar career with another team. As far as this game goes. Give me a break, nice win and all. But they beat the worse team in the league by one goal. "ONE GOAL". Are you kidding me. Renney lives another day... We shall see what the weekend brings. I just once want this team to start out strong and keep the fire going. I love this team. But we are not going to deep this year. Scotty god bless you that you go to every game. It can not be easy. Keep up the great work.

Pete said...

I thought we were going to get a more in dept update Scotty?! Where's it at?! No slackin'!