Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mark Bell??

I just heard on NHL Live that the Rangers picked up Mark Bell. Toronto's annoying talk radio FAN590 has it on their front page right now (12:30pm) but no accredited MSM Ranger site has mentioned it and the Rangers have yet to send out a press release. EDIT - TSN now has it, thanks Kukla.

Mark Bell, if you haven't heard of him, is a drunk idiot who has spent time in jail after a hit and run while DUI. Exactly what the Rangers need to do - bring an alcoholic into New York City, where booze is available 24/7. Did the organization totally forget what happened with Sandis Bozolinch?

On the ice Bell is a big body who can't do much of anything. The Pension Plan guys looked at him a while back and showed that he can hit. He does have two 20 goal seasons in his career but that was a long time ago - well before he hit the bottle and another car. I mean look at his numbers, he is a grinding forward who eeked out some points. And, looking at his fighting record, the Rangers just picked up another Aaron Voros. We need a scorer, and Sather is wasting salary cap room on another fourth line nobody.

And Tom Renney got fired.


Anonymous said...

as soon as we start to gain hope...
and i was starting to gain the tiniest amount of respect for sather

Duniyadnd said...

with the new coach and this signing, it seems that sean avery is less likely to come to the rangers

Noah's Art said...

relax, scotty, i heard

a) he's been improving a lot and getting his life together
b) he's going to hartford (filling sean averys LW roster spot perhaps?)

Pete said...

I wonder if he and Redden will hang out?

At times like this, I always think of poor Theo Fleury...except, I think Theo had talent. This guy sounds like a douche.

Anonymous said...

Size--the Rangers are too small, too light and not near competitive enough. They get pushed out of physical games and are too slow to play the speed game.

Jaimee said...

that's my cousin! he's not a drunken idiot, he made a mistake, deal with it. yes, he hasn't been playing great but everyone has their downfalls at some point.
just relax.