Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peepin' Foes: Washington Capitals

Where We Are: The Rangers are showing their true colours and they aren't blue, red and white. But as terrible as they are, the last time they played the Caps they put together an incredible effort - they lost, but they made a game of it.

Where They Are: One loss in their last five games including a 5-2 road win over the Devils ...

Who To Watch For: They have some Russian guy named Ovechkin, they have the bongo player Semin and Mike Green, who is playing like he is the second coming of Brian Leetch. Oh, and the three of them make less than Gomez, Drury and Redden. The Washington trio has 162 points and have a combined cap hit of $19.388 million - the New York nothings have 87 points and make $20.957 million. Thanks Glen!

What To Watch For: Ovechkin to get rolling, the Ranger defense to get folding and the fans to start booing.

What We'll (Hopefully) See: A Ranger win, haha. How about a spark of life? Anything? Maybe? Please? Oh, and perhaps a decent heavyweight bout between Brashear and Orr since you know that Brash will try to lay down a few big hits early if let off the leash by Bruce Boudreau. And I always pray for Tom Poti to crash and burn. Man, I hate that guy.

Also Check Out: The Caps have arguably the best blogbase around the league in terms of skill, info and access. The best of the bunch is personal fav Japer's Rink but On Frozen Blog and Off Wing Opinion are also pretty damn good.

As for us, Carp is doing a decent job with some girl named Jane helping over at Ranger Report (miss you Sam!) and Steve Zipay is his usual steady self at Blue Notes.

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Unknown said...

apparently Semin, aka The Tin Man, has a minor injury and won't be in the lineup tonight. Jay Beagle has been called up and will be on the 4th line. even though i'm not a Rangers fan i love reading your blog. My Dad is a life long Ranger fan from Jersey, so I follow them around the web for him. nice work man, very nice.