Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Peepin' Foes: Toronto Maple Leafs

Where We Are: Throw everything out. New coach, new pressure.

Where They Are: Toronto has earned points in four of their last five games but only beat us. The Leafs also just held an awesome outdoor practice for their fans, something that the Rangers (and every NHL team) would be wise to do. Instead the Rangers practice in seclusion in a quiet yuppy corner of Westchester, nice.

Who To Watch For: I heart Luke Schenn. Lee Stempniak is a true offensive talent and a helluva steal from St. Louis. Dominic Moore was almost nonexistent in New York but you can't count him out and Borat Antropov has been raising his trade value of late so he may just show up for this one.

What To Watch For: Toronto is coming off of two emotional games - the return of Sundin and the overtime win over us - so if the Rangers play with the spark that should come from the new coach, the Blueshirts should be able jump all over the Leafs. They will just have to maintain the intensity all game - not like in Hockey Night In Hell.

What We'll (Hopefully) See: A Ranger team that plays like they care. Jason Blake getting smacked around like a rented mule; I always hated that guy on the Islanders. Colton Orr playing more than 3:42. Petr Prucha playing, period.

Also Check Out: Down Goes Brown, Toronto Mike, the Bitter Leaf Fan (aren't they all?) and personal fav Pension Plan Puppets. PPP is probably one of the top-five best team-specific blogs out there covering our fair sport so definitely check out their corner of SB Nation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words!

You are in for a hell of a ride with Tortorella if his fake twitter account is any indication: www.twitter.com/coachtorts

7th Woman said...

Scotty, I said the same thing about the outdoor practice. Wish they would do some of that in the states. I anxiously await the post game presser with Larry Brooks and Torts. Wear a flak jacket.

PS: if any of your blueshirts do damage to my boy Blakie... just remember....I will hold YOU personally responsible..... and I will find you.....