Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Did We Miss This?!?

Credit to Puck Daddy for actually finding a hockey on FoxSports and a great article to boot: today marks 30 years since Denis Potvin became Public Enemy No. 1 in MSG.

The damned chant has lasted through the ages and rings out during every single game at the Garden. To be honest, I am quite sick of the chant and yell "Crosby Sucks" instead against all teams other than the Isles or Panthers. Which is convenient as Potvin will be in the building tomorrow night broadcasting the Florida game. So the chant will be worthwhile then but against Atlanta, or Toronto, or Vancouver ... why??? Just make it stop! And if you can't whistle well ... ugh!!!

What do you guys think?


Brother P said...

I think you care way too much about the Potvin sucks whistle. Its part of the Garden at this point.

Sally said...

Amen Brother.

Anonymous said...

No relation at all with anything but i was curious why the devils sent clemmenson down to the ahl and kept weekes on the bench. Anyone know?