Friday, January 22, 2010

24-20-7: The Inevitable Fall Hurts

You just knew that the back-to-back Garden blowouts were too good to be true. The Rangers came back to earth with a mortifying bad performance against the Philadelphia Flyers (again). I showed up at the Wachovia Center but apparently most of the Blueshirts did not. It was a horrific performance where, in a span of a few minutes, the team's best skater got beat up and no one stepped in to help and the star goaltender was ran and still everyone stood by. After the second incident, I tore off my jersey and refused to wear it the rest of the game. If the Rangers aren't proud enough to stand up for themselves, I sure as hell won't stand up for them. I love this team but to say that I was furious would be an understatement.

Yes, Gaborik was standing up for himself and went at Carcillo. But, two weeks ago Alexander Ovechkin was standing up for himself and went at Steve Downie. In Ovie's case, Matt Bradley came flying in because you don't let your superstar player fight some idiot goon!!!!!! The Rangers? They watched. Dan Girardi, who I usually let off the hook for rare mistakes because of my fandom, was feet away and let it happen. Disgraceful. Completely and utterly disgraceful.

So not only did everyone watch as Carcillo kicked the crap out of Gaborik, Gaborik was in the penalty box when Sideshow Bob Hartnell took a four minute double minor for high sticking so he couldn't score what would have been the equalizer. As for the running of Hank, no one ever stands up the King. Why would they? We would only be in lottery position if not for him but he has been fair game since forever.

If that wasn't bad enough, Sean Avery later breaks up the best sustained pressure of the period by selfishly fighting Sideshow Bob. I love Avery, but that was sheer idiocy. From my understanding, the ringleader of this circus act, John Tortorella was screaming his head off on the bench but we know how little everyone listens to him anymore. Maybe not the ringleader so much as head clown ...


*The first period was piss poor on the Rangers part. The only line that was able to pressure the Flyers was the line that started the game - Avery-Boyle-Voros. So, of course, Tortorella broke them up by the middle of the second period and was grasping at straws throughout the third.

*Avery's second fight of the night was against Carcillo seemingly for some sort of vengeance but he didn't get it. Sure, he fared better than he did in the two-punch knockout by Sideshow Bob but it didn't do anything. In fact, Gabby took a dumb penalty that Philly was able to score on with 2.5 seconds left in the period - adding an exclamation point to the ass kicking they were handing the Rangers in the frame.

*Voros opened the third period with a fight against Arron Asham but it just seemed to be Voros trying to ensure he would keep his spot in the lineup over Brashear, who surely would have been sent out to do something earlier (but likely would not have, or would have lost).

*And, remarkably, despite the physical beating the Bullies were handing the Blueshirts, the Rangers were still in the game. As I am sure many have said, they used up all of their goals in the two previous wins and had nothing left for this one. Ray Emery didn't have to make a single difficult stop in a 24-save shutout. When you consider that Enver Lisin of all people had the best chances, you can guess at how bad it really was.

*Chris Drury spent half the game looking like newborn Bambie, slipping all over the ice. When he wasn't flat on the ice, he chased the play and made bad decisions when he got the puck. That's the captain and a member of Team USA ...

*Flyers fans are terrible. They weren't particularly tough or rude but the place wouldn't get a single good 'Let's Go Flyers' chant going at the same time. The only time they found a little synch was to holler "Avery Sucks!" which is hilarious when you consider the kinds of clowns their franchise employs. Hypocrisy, thy name is Philadelphia.

*They didn't have "God Bless America" before the game, which was a huge disappointment for me. I grew up listening to my dad tell stories of the Spectrum and Kate Smith singing that song and instead they had some annoying blonde woman do a poor version of the regular anthem. Weak.

*The friends I went to the game with had some issues and had to deal with the Wachovia Center security (nothing malevolent I assure you) and they found the staff incredibly kind and accommodating.

*On a semi-related note, the upper bowl seating at the Wachovia is quite steep. You really feel high above and far away when you sit up there, as I did.

*James van Riemsdyk scored what would be the game-winning goal on a two-on-one that was all thanks to my pal Michal Rozsival. And I have to wear his jersey on Monday? Ugh.

*The Mike Richards insurance goal came off Marc Staal's skate but, as my buddy Eric vehemently pointed out, the play shouldn't have happened as Chris Higgins could/should have cleared the puck prior to that. If Higgins was having issues before, he clearly is falling apart now that he is saddled with Lisin and Anisimov as his underwhelming linemates.

*Traffic to and from the Wachovia Center sucked and parking cost $15. That's insane. Even the Islanders are more reasonable.

*Was it me or did Philly go offsides a dozen or so times? It just got ridiculous after a while, which was surprising after the first 10 minutes of the game flew by.

*I was pleased that the Ranger goal was waved off after the final buzzer as that left a big fat 0 next to their name on the scoreboard - matching their heart and effort in this game. We can only hope that this loss, like the 6-0 game in December, proves to be a aberration in a run of solid results ...

*PHW Three Stars
3-Ray Emery - 24 saves.
2-James van Riemsdyk - one goal.
1-Mike Richards - one power play goal.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Hank - As per usual, Lundqvist gave the Rangers a chance to win with big saves.
2-Sideshow Bob - Hartnell kept Avery off of his game - kicked his ass even - and pushed the Philadelphia attack forward. If he was a better player, he easily could have scored a pair of goals.
1-Carcillo - What can you say? He is a smart goon. He goaded the best player on the opposing team into a fight, taking him off the ice for five full minutes and pulling the lone weapon from the Ranger power play. Gabby was thrown off and took a bad penalty soonafter, setting up the JVR goal. Good for Carcillo; that's just good hockey right there.


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NYR34 said...

Look on the bright side - at least teh Rozy jersey is done for the time being!

Also, keep looking for the postgame... Torts had another EPIC (if not less profanity-laden) blowup at Larry Brooks during the interview. I just caught it on Center Ice on Rogers Sportsnet while watching the Canucks game.

Anonymous said...

Chris said...

My brother mentioned this one to me... though Im sure it has been said before. But he refers to them as the Filth-adelphia Flyers

mike said...

Carcillo's attack on Gaborik is good hockey? That's a strange statement....or hopefully a mispelling of the word goon. He is a disgraceful player, and Avery was right to kick his ass (which he did, by the way).

Carcillo's actions toward Gabby were cowardly, and if anyone should be blamed for anything in this loss it is the referees and linesmen. Blatant offsides were missed, clear interference penalties were not called, and how the fuck does Gabby end up with the extra two minutes when Carcillo clearly instigated the whole thing? The refs lost control of this game.

Also, if you're asking some questions, how's this one: why do teams coached by Peter Laviolette seem to always beat the Rangers? His style worked well for the 'Canes and the Islanders too against the Rangers...and it seems to me that his style is the one that is often attributed to Tortorella--aggressive skating/forechecking, puck possession, and the idea of taking the play to your opponent consistently.

Anonymous said...

Everytime you fail to put up a "Peepin Foes" the rangers lose...and you didn't wear the rosival jersey. No one to blame for this loss but yourself

drew said...

scotty, please explain how you own roszival jersey. did you lose a bet?

on another note, Lisin was the best skater on the ice for the rangers tonight. and because of this is the rangers, he will be benched saturday in favor of captain falldown alice kotalik.

Pete said...

At first I thought Gabby pretty much started that fight. He had Carcillo up against the boards and all. But the fact that the post-game Torts interview (indeed hilarious) quoted carcillo as having said he was "licking his chops" at the thought of taking on Gabby, has me believeing that he probably said something to goad him into it. Gabby is an idiot for dropping the gloves though. I mean, why would you? It didn't help that the only guy who protects Gabby on that line (Dubi) was being held back by TWO officials at the sounding of the whistle. I know one thing; I don't ever want to make Dubi angry. Did you see the way he was talking to the ref? I thought he was going to lay into him. Really, I think he was close.

Speaking of officiating, does this game get out of hand if the refs call the obvious goaltender interference call earlier in the 1st, when Hank got run the first time? Jonesy (the biggest hypocrite in the world, based on the way he hates on Avery for being as big as a goon as he was) seemed to think that a penalty was not warranted, because the guy who ran Hank had double coverage on him in front. I don't understand that theory...but, then again, that whole announce team is biased towards the Cheesesteaks, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Avery's fight with Hartell was stupid, but I like to point out that Avery connected first...with Hartnell's face shield. Fighting with a shield on is just a cowardly thing to do.

Carcillo's exchange with Avery before their tussle was priceless. It was clear that Avery told him to drop the gloves and even clearer that Carcillo had no idea why. Avery might as well have asked him for a ham and cheese sandwhich or a box of tastycakes (God I hate that promotion).

What I don't get is why the team, down by ONLY ONE GOAL, was so focused on fighting for the rest of the game when they could easily have focused on scoring against what everyone knows is a questionable goaltending crew in Philly. If they put as much energy into going to the net as they did in carrying that chip around all night, the game would have been a win.

Anonymous said...

Total embarrassment on that fight. I was disgusted to be a Ranger fan. Wait, make that ranger fan.

-Sather die in a fire

Anonymous said...

can we petition to change the name to the "NEW YORK F**KING P**SIES" since that's all they've been since... jeez have they ever been tough? the 70's?

mike said...

Pete--good point, the Rangers did care more about fighting after the Gabby attack than playing despite being down only one goal. But sometimes that has to be done against a team like the Flyers.

Anonymous #10--ask the Flyers if NIck Fotiu, Eddie Johnstone, Colton Orr, Steve Vickers, Darren Langdon, and Adam Graves were tough--that is, if you can't remember them yourself.

Damon LaScot said...

Well, the 1980's NYR's were a fairly tough team as I recall. Many a game I watched Barry Beck kick the crap outta boatloads of Islanders. Shit, nearly EVERYONE fought on the team in those days. Man those were the days....we used to smuggle in a 6 pack of tall boys EACH...bloody our knuckles banging on that old aluminum drop-ceiling they used to have overhanging the back of the green I'm getting misty and nostalgic, which is not why I'm posting.

I think Avery did the right thing in a lot of ways. I am a fan of his bc the fucker has HEART. Plus, he can score when he's not a line w/no-talent shlubs w/stone hands. Torts must have a grudge against him. If it's me, I play the guy on the 2nd line bc he has that intangible ability to make shit happen and he gets the TEAM going.

Dury never surprises me at ALL. I haven't expected this guy to show up since sometime last season. He just doesn't have "it." Maybe it's the concussions...whatever. It doesn't matter.


-have Christy center it w/Cally on the other wing

Move Drury to center the 3rd line w/Higgins & Lisin - where they ALL f'ing BELONG.

Let Anisimov center the 4th line moving Boyle to the wing and Voros on the other side (they're all lefty shooters so someone has to play the off-wing).

WHO'S SIGNING? Is it just me who thinks this is a good idea (been saying it all f'ing year) or am I just wicked retahded?

Scotty Hockey said...

NYR34 - Not epic, pathetic.

Mike - How is it not good hockey? It may not be fair hockey, but it was good - the Flyers sacrificed a fourth line goon for the top Ranger forward. That is one helluva tradeoff. When you add in Gabby being in the box and not on the ice for the power play after the double minor for high sticking, that tradeoff gets even better as it may have won them the game.

Everytime you fail to put up a "Peepin Foes" the rangers lose...and you didn't wear the rosival jersey. No one to blame for this loss but yourself
Fair point. And no Peepin Foes for the Habs tomorrow btw.

scotty, please explain how you own roszival jersey. did you lose a bet?
I didn't lose a bet, but will explain if they win when I wear it on Monday.

mike said...

Scotty--I don't think there's a place in this game for the actions of Daniel Carcillo....I don't see how you can defend this Cro-Magnon on skates at all, when you rightly attack the uselessness of the average goon fairly consistently in your blog. His play may have gotten good results in this one instance, but this is the same clown who sparked the Penguins last year in the playoffs by pounding on Max did that one work out for the Flyers?

I don't think I've seen something this gutless in the league in a long time. At least even a blindside hit takes more skill and subtlety than beating up a guy who does not fight. The goon-for-best player exchange is OK if it's two-minute minors...what Carcillo did was worthy of a suspension. He deliberately jumped a guy who doesn't fight. Any athlete in Gabby's situation would've dropped his gloves out of a sense of self-preservation.

You hammer away at Steve Downie and Donald Brashear for being psychotic...Carcillo's worse than them both. There is nothing like a goon with ambition who ends up on the Flyers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah so we've had 5 tough guys in the last 40 years worth anything. Great point Mike. And we've gotten rid of each of them. I remember Shane Churla and Ian Laperrier and all them too who we got rid of instead of using as thugs and Tie Domi I loved when he was there. Too Bad NONE OF THEM ARE HERE AND WE ARE STUCK WITH THIS PACK OF FLAMING VAGINA's