Saturday, January 26, 2008

All Star Superskills

So I am being forced to watch this for work, so I will throw out some random observations:

*Its a good thing that I am being paid for this, because watching this is painful. Versus is trying anything and everything to bring you closer to the action but the on-ice cameras are jittery and miss the action, which is made worse by a switch-happy director. The framing of the rest of the shots don't account for that atrocious upper-third score bug so the players' heads are getting cut off.

*The obstacle course start was mildly interesting, if only to show off Pavel Datsyuk's perfect passing skills and see Evgeni Malkin's ego get the best of his stickhandling to see him nearly lose the puck.

*Instead of the skating around the rink, like years past, now its a goal line-to-blue line speed thing. Versus had a guy skating along with a camera, which was jarring, and let's face it, the players didn't want to strain a groin so they didn't go all-out.

*Dammit, they are using the same 'skating camera' for the shootout competition as well. I think I'm getting motion sickness.

*The Rangers' Scott Gomez finally participated, and actually scored with a quick wrister to Osgood's glove-side.

*Wow, Versus mic'd D.P., yet another reason to hate them.

*Now there is a drop down from the huge upper-third for Las Vegas tourism, so every player's head is cut off.

That's it. I'm not blogging this piece of garbage anymore. There is little wonder why hardcore hockey fans hate Versus and the game can not attract new fans. I will try again tomorrow for the All Star Game itself but my hopes are not high.

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Ange said...

Best part of the night:

D.P. after making sprawling save in the style shootout competition takes himself off the ice and says to someone on the side "I'm done. Do you want to go in? No I'm not hurt, I just fucked up my hip again". The whole world heard that and afterwards, the mic was no where to be found on poor Ricky.