Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

I awoke this morning in an unnamed fleabag hotel in Buffalo to some snow outside. Weather reports say it should snow on and off all day but the Winter Classic should go off as scheduled. As my room faces the highway, I can clearly hear and see cars flying by so I think these people are used to a lil snow. I have several layers on so I am going to give it by best not to freeze my ass off. I also have a nice Penguins jersey to wear, courtesy of former Pens coach Eddie O. I figured I would root for Cindy and company after thinking about last season and how much it sucked to come all the way to this northern New York outpost to only see the Rangers lose 5-2 and have thousands of Sabres fans chanting Rangers suck as I walked out. So screw them, let's go Pens!

Well, its time for me to try to catch my ride to the stadium so wish me luck!

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Loser Domi said...

First off, Happy New year, Scotty! So far, so good, I gues, then again it's only 11:30 AM :-)Yep, it's snowing over here as well. I'm just stoked that I actually get to watch some hockey here.