Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Terrible Dichotomy of the NHL

As I was still warming up from being out at the Winter Classic, the huge television ratings were released today. The 2.6 overnight rating and 5 share on NBC were the most the NHL had gotten for a regular season game since 1996. Impressive, right?

Now try getting any of those people to watch the NHL All Star game on January 28th in Atlanta. First off, it is in Atlanta (not a hockey market like Buffalo). Secondly, its on a Sunday afternoon at 6 p.m. (not New Years Day at 1 p.m.). Thirdly, its on Versus (not NBC). The NHL does something so great with the Winter Classic, then absolutely shoots itself in the foot with the All Star Game.

The Winter Classic had one, maybe two top of the talents in the league - Cindy Crosby and Evgeni Malkin (Vanek and Miller are borderline). The NHL All Star Game will have all of the top NHL players. And yet it is quite likely that very few people will tune in to watch them. See something wrong here??

I mentioned it earlier today but really feel the need to reiterate that the NHL should make the All Star weekend the/an annual outdoor affair. Then it will combine the novelty of open-air hockey with the best players the league has to offer, with nothing on the line. It allows for the regular season to remain uncompromised and would showcase the stars to more people, something the league desperately needs.


Andrea said...

Yes Yes YES! An outdoor all-star game! Fun idea, and on its surface, practical as well! Maybe once the commish is done doling out the party favors to the southern expansion teams, they can bring that idea to fruition.

A couple of old-timers games, young guns' skills, local pee-pee teams—they can really utilize the rink to justify the added expense—and sell tickets to extra events, too. (I've got room in my sentimental heart for capitalism.)

Meet me in Quebec!

Andrea said...

Ouch! Pee WEE teams, not pee-pee teams!!!!! Sorry Scotty's Mom :-)

Scotty Hockey said...

Andrea - email me your addy so I can send you that dvd!