Tuesday, January 29, 2008

24-22-6: Rangers Licked By Canes

Well, get your mind out of the gutter; this is a hockey blog. So, the second half started with the Rangers losing to the Hurricanes. I was at work so I was able to watch bits and pieces live (damn Florida Primary) and the rest on Rangers in 60.

First Period
*Well, I have to open with Marek Malik ... if he is trade bait, the Rangers need him to play, so why didn't he play? And where better than on the road, away from us haters??

*The Rangers actually have more games remaining than Carolina!! Wow. Too bad it means virtually nothing as the Southeast Division winner gets in no matter how bad they are.

*1-0: Yay, a power play goal!! Who'da thunk it? You put a man in front of the goaltender, and actually shoot off of a pass and you score?!? Groovy!

*Colton Orr vs. Wade Brookbank: Orr actually won one. How about that? Granted it was against a young guy who can barely skate, let along fight, but its always nice. Now the rematch was a joke as Brookbank jumped Orr and no instigator was called. Great work by the refs.

*And, moments after Orr/Brookbank I: FINALLY! The Rangers act like a team: Gomez gets boarded and Staal and Avery stand up for their boy. Even heartless Jagr jumped in ... I am shocked and delighted. Maybe he will just earn that C ... (too little, too late, methinks). Sean gets a misconduct for instigating, which was deserved but the four blind mice neglected to call a boarding on Walker; expect a one game suspension if the league doesn't have their heads up their rear ends. And the Rangers go on to kill the 5-on-3, wooooo! This penalty kill - yeah Bettsy - has bailed out the team time and time again this season, its dangerous to play with fire but good to know they are capable.

*Jason Strudwick is rocking the goatee. I approve.

*I have to say, I am loving this game through the first period - old time hockey! Too bad the refs are doing their best to mess it all up and grab some of the spotlight. Its games like these that make hockey itneresting and appealing to fans, but the league doesn't care about that.

*Hahaha!! Did you see the lower third promos for the Knicks?? It had a pop-up of the players passing a ball from hand to hand. I don't know if I am more surprised that MSG has the new technology or that the Knicks didn't fumble the ball away.

Second Period
*Hillary Clinton and John McCain are going to win in Florida. You don't care, I don't care, but I am getting paid to pay attention to this crap.

*1-1: Ray Whitney may be the most underrated player in the NHL. He should be hailed as a hero to make Sergei Samsonov relevant again.

*2-1 Carolina: Why do the Rangers suck so bad in the second period?? What is it? Watching Brind'Amour undress Hank was vile.

*Damn election coverage kept me from any details in the period, did I miss anything big?

Third Period
*The former NY mayor is done but Huckabee isn't. Yippee!

*Rangers going down like flies - Drury, Rozy ... hope there is a lotta ice down there, then again, a win would make everything feel better. For me at least. If not, there is always beer.

*Why are the Blueshirts not challenging Ward? He is looking like the Conn Smythe winner, rathter than the mediocre whelp he was last year. I think that is moer a result of the Rangers than his play.

*3-1 Carolina: Rangers started running around like chickens with their heads cut off and Hank couldn't bail them out with Bettsy running back to get Trevor Letowski. Trevor Letowski! Geez!

*Coverage is breaking down all over the ice. This looks eerily familiar.

*They are saying McCain took Florida. I don't care, but it hurts less than watching the Rangers scrambling around the ice. And now Rudy pulled out, looks like all New York is losing tonight (even the Isles, yay!!).

*I don't think I will rip Renney for this one, the boys are playing with some fire. Unfortunately its burning down their own house, rather than the rednecks'.

*Chris Drury needs to be able to score on an empty net. No shanks, no posts, nothing but net. Then the 5-on-3 would have been an attempt at the gmae-winner.

*We said it at the Garden a few weeks back, John Dellapina said it in the Daily news, but the Rangers are going for quantity, not quality of shots. Something has to go in, right??

*Wrong, we lose. Dammit; outplayed by the Canes after a great first period. What can you do?

*PHW Three Stars
3-Walker - for being a dirty player who is going to get suspended. The PHWs are idiots.
2-Brind'Amour - one goal.
1-Ward - 34 saves.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Jagr - I wanted to put Dubi here but I have to salute the most intense performance of the year by the Rangers captain. He couldn't put the team on his back but he played one of his strongest games in a Blueshirt to date.
2-Ward - As I said, he looked great, granted that was a result of the Rangers, but whatever, credit is given.
1-Brind'Amour - A true leader, he was a force. He won faceoffs, scored a nice goal and played strong on both ends of the ice. Dammit.


Peter said...

I can't really add anything about the Rangers game, except to say that I hope they bring some of that fire to every other game they play this year...but also manage to keep it up for 60 minutes through at least most of them.

As a big McCain supporter, I would also like to interject this: WOOOOOOOOO!

Thank you for indulging me.

Anonymous said...

Avery, Shanahan, and the boys were playing Old Time Hockey in the 1st period. I will give Jagr his due as he played heart felt hockey,also.He played like his contract depended upon it. I am getting sick over this, I know it is just a game. However I just wish they would play hard all the time. Oh and by the way .... Shoot the dam puck !!! Thank you ...