Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Trails Trevor

Trevor Linden likely played his final NHL game tonight as the Vancouver Canucks fell to the Calgary Flames 7-1.

It's unfortunate that he goes out on a loss but he certainly went out in style, with a hero's sendoff. Not only was he saluted by the Vancouver fans and his teammates, but Jarome Iginla led the Flames out to shake hands with him. If that doesn't show just how revered Linden was (and the class of the Calgary captain), I don't know what does. Iginla later said it best to the CBC, calling Linden an "honest hockey player."

Linden's warrior spirit, best expressed here, commanded the adoration of hockey players and fans alike. He played with a level of dignity that few matched and, dispite a stint with the Islanders, he maintained it over 19 years of service to the NHL. A true Scotty Hockey Hero, he will be missed.

Take care Trevor, best wishes in your post-playing career.

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