Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Saturday Reading

As you kick back and prepare for the Rangers first home game of these playoffs, I want to recommend a good article on Mike Ricci. Medianews took a look at the former Shark/Nordique/Avalanche/Flyer/Coyote (found via Kukla).

He is another Scotty Hockey Hero and it is good to see that his passion for the game remains, even if he can no longer play it.

Ricci, always one of the ugliest players in the NHL, was also one of its most passionate. His hard work shift in and shift out was remarkable. I remember when he first came into the league I would get confused because there was Ricci, Recchi and Reekie all in the bigs at the same time. While Recchi had a long scoring career that culminated in a few rings (but still no idea that he should retire) and Reekie had 900+ games of yeoman defense, it was the wild Ricci's career that truly stood out to me. He looked ridiculous with all that hair and without all those teeth but it was the look of a real hockey player, a guy you wanted to play like and win with.

Best wishes to him and his Sharks, as long as they don't face the Blueshirts ...

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